Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Story, Some Games & A Whole Bunch Of CANDY!

Our church had a Fall Party for the kids. It was an alternative for trick-or-treating. Each child was given a fake dollar when they walked in the door. This dollar was worth 5 seconds in the candy tote. After the story, told so dramatically by Mr. Eric, they had the opportunity to earn more dollars by playing games, answering Bible trivia and saying Bible verses. The most time you could earn was 25 seconds! Don't ya love the red eyes of this group of boys! :)
Mr. Eric captured the children's attention with his storytelling!
Pastor Mark helps Callie with the corn hole game. After she moved up closer to the board, she actually threw one in!
Some of the bigger kids have to stand back!
Some interesting poses! :)
Callie had 25 seconds to get all the candy she could fit in the bag. Instead of grabbing handfuls, she selected the candy piece by piece and carefully put it in the bag. She was happy with her choices!
Elizabeth helps two of her kids.
Two girls fill their bags.
One of the Pastor's sons fills his up!
Simon fills his bag with goodies. He gave Mommy one of his Reese Cups. Wasn't that sweet!
I love how the camera captured the sucker flying in mid-air! Seth had quite the bagful of candy when his time was up.
Pastor Cravens' oldest son had the biggest bag of candy tonight! I'm sure his mother will be thrilled when he and his brother show her all the candy they won! :)
I told everyone this was the most invigorating experience ever! The rush of having 5 seconds to fill my bag with as much candy as I could was incredible! LOL
Kathy fills up her bag under the watchful eye of a hopeful little boy.
Angie and Julie fill up with yummy candy!
Is that our Youth Pastor with a bagful of candy!
He traded me 3 packages of whoppers and 1 Hershey bar for one little 'ole Reese cup. I guess we all know what to get him for the next food pounding. :-)
Elizabeth gets her 5 seconds worth of candy. She's looking for all the Reese Cups.
4....3.....2......1......You're done!
The littlest candy lover grabs a sucker!
Isn't he cute!

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