Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happy 8th. Birthday Simon!

Today is Simons's 8th. Birthday.
He absolutely loves reading Garfield comic
books. He requested that Mommy
make him a Garfield cake for his birthday.
The look on his face was worth all the time it took
to bake and decorate this cake!

Once again Daddy had to get out his blowtorch to light the candles.
Blowing out all eight of those candles!
Opening up cards.
A card & check from Grandpa & Grandma McIntosh.
Star Wars Clone Mask from Daddy.
Simon was very excited to see Star Wars presents!
Luke Skywalker figure from Mommy.
A new Garfield book from his brothers and sister.
Lego set from Uncle Daniel, Aunt Tina & kiddos.
Simon, the clone trooper?
Simon had a great birthday. After his party was over he came in the kitchen, gave me hug, told me he loved me and that it was the best birthday ever!

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Richard G. Hutchison said...

cute cake! I used to read Garfield a lot when I was a kid. Brings back memories.