Saturday, October 4, 2008

IT'S A.............???

We pulled it off. This Surprise Party for Seth's 10th.
Birthday has been in the planning for weeks!
Duane took Seth to the library and on the way home
stopped and got pizzas for us to eat.
I met Seth out front and asked him to go around back
and tell his brother to come inside and eat. When he got to the backyard,
he found 4 of his friends waiting for him.

It was quit interesting to hear and see the antics of
6 boys seated around the table!

This was the 2nd. army tank cake I made this week. Let's just say I have tanked out on making cakes! The silver thing sticking out of the top of the tank is a torpedo! The boys thought that was great! One of the boys specifically requested that section of the cake to eat.
Opening up all the cards.
Seth & Simon both got Deitsch's ice cream certificates from Christopher & Ryan. Yummy!

All the boys were anxious for Seth to open his presents!
He is opening up a GI-JOE army jeep from Joe in this picture.
An army gun, grenade, army action figures from Joe.
All the boys are wanting to try out Seth's new army gun outside.Christopher & Ryan - brother against brother Seth & Joe
Christopher & Seth's Hideout.
Andrew and Joe's fort.
The boys took a break from playing army outside. Seth got out his HUGE collection of army men for everyone to play with inside.

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Carrie said...

Oh my goodness! I would be dead. You were definitely clever, with original "celebration," he probably had no clue whatsoever!