Thursday, October 16, 2008

~Appealin' Apples~

The apples were invading my kitchen! Something had to be done. I took action and got out my trusty Pampered chef apple peeler/core/slicer and started attacking them, one by one. Of course, my 2 little helpers came running to help mommy. Check out the videos of both of them at the end of this post!
Callie begged me to let her try. She would peel backwards and forwards. Finally, the apple would be finished. Not exactly perfect, but at least it was peeled! Eventually, she became Mommy's 'get-the-next-apple-to-be-peeled' helper! That job made her a happy little girl.
Once Samuel figured out how to operate the apple peeler/corer/slicer he peeled apple after apple. He was quite the helper to Mommy! I was amazed at how much faster things went Samuel and Callie helping me. We managed to get over half of the apples finished before we ran out of freezer bags.

As you can tell, I had fun taking pictures of the apple peelings. It's amazing how pretty something can look that you're just going to throw away!

Callie peels an apple...Or at least she tries to!

Samuel peels an apple!


Carrie said...

Hey, what a nifty gadget and what nifty helpers! You'll have to think of other things they can do--soon you'll be propping your feet up and sipping tea while they do your housework for you! :) Or not.

Regina said...

Aaahhh...I can see myself sitting down, feet propped up, dunking cookies in milk, or eating chocolate cake and milk, or sipping root beer and eating lots of pizza! :) I detest tea.....Yuck! The only time I drink the stuff is when I have a really, REALLY BAD cold. Funny thing...I was raised drinking tea every day. Maybe that's why I can't stand it now! (Sigh)...I'll keep dreaming about the day when I can sit with my feet propped up while the household runs along smoothly without any help from mommy! :)