Thursday, October 23, 2008

~Where's Callie...?~

Yesterday, I suddenly realized that Callie was missing. I couldn't find her anywhere. I know that sounds terrible to lose your child in the house! I guess when a mom doesn't hear any noises and can't find the child that's supposed to be making noise, she starts to worry! You never know what you'll find when you finally find the hiding child! I'm going from room to room calling her name and I'm not hearing a sound. I go by her bedroom and see that the door is shut. I open the door and this is what I found. My adorable daughter was playing quietly in a laundry basket that was on the bed. She had found her very first baby doll and was holding it and talking to it. This relieved mom, quietly walked out and raced to grab the camera to capture this cute 'Callie moment'.
As soon as she heard the camera, she turned around....
...and started to pose!
She gives a smile...
Enough pictures....this photo shoot is over!

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