Thursday, August 12, 2010

Out of Eggs!!!!!

So we're out of eggs!  When I went grocery shopping last week, I had 2 cartons of eggs in the refrigerator.  Well, on Sunday, Simon checked to see how many eggs I had left.  ONLY FOUR!!!!!!  I needed all four of those eggs to make Callie's carrot cake for her party that night.  Soooooo.....all week long I've been out of eggs.  Last night, Simon asked if he could bake some cookies all. by. himself!  I googled eggless cookies and found and printed a recipe for peanut butter cookies.  While I sat at the table and peeled and packed peaches for canning, Simon got out the ingredients and mixed/baked these cookies up.
He did a great job making perfect-sized cookies with my Pampered Chef cookie scoop.  (I love their scoops!!!)  He DID NOT want anyone helping him at all!!!!
He kept getting on his brothers and sister because they kept asking if they could 'help' him.  It was kind of funny seeing them do to him what all four of the kids normally do to me! :)
Simon showing off his collection of 50 cookies!!  They turned out quite yummy!!!  Now I have a new cookie baker in the house! 
Oh, we now have 2 dozen EXTRA-LARGE eggs compliments of Daddy going to the grocery store late last night! :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

So you want to have a CARROT party!!!!

What's a mom to do when her 4 year old girl comes up on a Wednesday night and asks if to make out some invitations?  She asks her daughter "what for."  Daughter replies, "I what to have a carrot party." make a long story short.  She invited the people she wanted to invite over.  Mommy stayed up while everyone napped  and made 'carrot' foods!!! :)  It was fun to do and definitely and party-theme this mom ever attempted to do before. 
We had pizza breads turned into carrots with the addition of 3 strips of crinkled green paper.  Carrots-n-dip, carrot cake and then a few 'non-carrot' food items to fill in. 
Another 'carrot' pizza!!!
Callie and her 'carrot' cake.  I made it gluten-free so I could have some!!!  It was yummy!!!  And......there's lots left for me to snack on this week. :)  Oh, and on a side note.....I've completed week 1 of the couch to 5k program.  It felt great to get out and exercise in the blazing hot sun and sweat off some fat!!! lol
This morning, I'll be starting week 2.  Yippee!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Who wants to join in?

Summer is winding down to an end.  School starts in only 18!!!!  I've procrastinated away ALLLLLLL summer long on implementing exercise back into my daily routine.  I have made up my mind that this week all of that is going to change.  I have joined with some other online friends in the couch to 5k program.  You can find more about that here.  Good news is, it takes only 3 days a week!!!  I'd love to have some more friends join in with me! :)  It looks like a fun and easy way to get back in the routine of exercise.  I think I'll have my 2 older boys join in with me!!!  They need some more exercise, plus they have a stopwatch and know how to use it!  We'll need that for keeping track of times! :)  Oh, and did I mention that a prize is being given away?!!  Click here to find out more info!!!  Maybe I should take a before and after picture.  This program is 9 weeks long and I'm hoping that I'll look just a bit different by the end of the 9 weeks!!!  Here I go............