Friday, April 30, 2010

Got caught....

.....washing dishes!!!
Callie and Samuel begged and pleaded with me to move their kitchen out into the livingroom.  Finally, I gave in and helped them move it.  I figured with my 5 sewing machines and various sewing things, one more object would even be noticed!!! :)
They had tons of fun washing dishes in their sink.  They got some water and filled up the sink and had a blast!!  Oh.....and the carpet got soaked!!!!  It's dry now and waiting for the next dish-washing session! :)

Pass the PURPLE potatoes.please!!

Yes, you're reading and SEEING right!  We had purple potatoes at our supper table.  Actually they're called 'blue' potatoes, but they look purple to me!!!  My father-in-law bought some at the farm where he gets potatoes for us and passed some on for me to fix.  They tasted just like regular white/yellow potatoes except for the vibrant color!!!  Callie LOVED them and requested seconds and THIRDS.  Can you tell her favorite color is purple?  Simon did NOT want to eat them but did.  The other kids ate them without fuss.  It was kinda neat having such a pretty color on our plates at supper!! 

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two days of my life.....

.....were spent making these two items.  I'll not go into detail, but I have no plans to EVER, ever, EVER  use buckram again.  At one point, after being scratched one too many times with yet another straight pin, I wanted to throw the purse across the room!!!!! :)  I'm glad I didn't as I am pleased with the completed project! 

Two bags---One VERY LARGE sized and one just medium sized.  One will travel across the ocean, and one will stay right here in the good old US of A!!
A purse set for my sil, Tina for her 40th. birthday!!! :)
(gotcha girl!!!)
I made her a purse, key fob, change purse & wallet(not pictured). 
The inside of the small purse has a zippered pocket, 2 small pockets, 1 large pocket with velcro closure & 2 medium-sized pockets. 
The GIGANTIC suitcase-sized purse has a hidden zippered pocket, 2 large pockets, 2 medium sized pockets, and 3 smaller pockets.  This one has been claimed by my sil Sarah, and will travel with her to far away countries that I will only be able to dream about going to! :)
I love the way these turned out, but I don't want to sew another bag/purse for a VERY long time!!!!! :)  But, then again, as I typed those words, I felt the urge to go sew another one!!!  Am I a crazy woman, or what???!!!

A love for books and all things 'princessy'!

I was typing an e-mail last night when I glanced over and saw this!  I had told Callie she needed to go to bed.  She hates to go to bed while I'm still up.  She's quite the night owl(like her mommy)!!  She has discovered if she is quiet enough, I forget she's still up! :)  I crept past her, grabbed the camera, and took these pictures!  A side note....Callie's cousin gave her this princess dress.  This was her first day wearing it!  She wore it ALL DAY LONG!!!  I made her take it off when we went to church, but as soon as we arrived back home, on the dress went again!!!  She ended up sleeping in it!!!!  She LOVES it!  Samuel is fascinated with the fact that it billows out when Callie twirls.  I overheard the two talking yesterday.  Hear is the conversation....

 "Callie, do that again!"
 To the great delight of her brother, Callie twirls around one more time.  Her hair flying, dress billowing, and eyes sparkling with happiness. 
"Wow!" says Samuel with wide-eyed amazement.  "I wish I was 3 years old so I could wear that dress!!"

I laughed picturing my John Deere, construction loving, mechanically inclined 5 year old in a pink princess dress!!!!! :)
I am glad ALL 4 of my children share my love for reading books!!  I don't read nearly as much as I used to, but I still LOVE reading a good book!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Man vs.Woman

~I just love this picture!!~
It made me laugh.  I needed to laugh!!  Can't wait to show it to Duane when he gets home tonight!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sensational Sunday Shots!!

Sunday meals are big, full of noise & usually involve kids doing silly things.  Today was no exception!!!  After a delicious roast, mashed potatoes & gravy, carrots & corn on the cob, we enjoyed some banana splits for dessert.  Grandpa even made a special trip last night to the grocery store to buy some bananas for our dessert!! :)  We all had our plates piled sky high and we enjoyed every last bite of our tasty treat!
Just had to take this picture of my FIL with his plate piled with goodies!  I was teasing him about the fact that he had more dessert on his plate than the food he ate earlier! :)  Actually, ALL of our plates were filled to the brim with ice cream, fruit, whipped cream, nuts & choc. sauce!!!
Samuel show off just how big his mouth is!!
Callie shows off for ANYONE!!!
Check out my gorgeous sewing machine in the background along with the PILES of fabric that are waiting to be sewn up!!
Did I mention that she JUST had a shower right before dinner!!!
Her brothers get to laughing at her antics, which just makes her sillier!!! :) to take an afternoon nap....

Friday, April 16, 2010


.....with VINYL
I've been dying to sew up something with some vinyl.  I figure I'd experiment with using the cheaper stuff before cutting into real leather! :)  My trusty old singer plowed right through this stuff with no problem at all.  Gotta LOVE those old machines!!!  Sometimes I was sewing through 6 layers of vinyl plus 4 layers of fabric!!!!  These machines were built to last.
I decided to add a zippered pocket to the back.  It's not perfect, but not bad for the first time making one with such a tough fabric!
...inside the zippered pocket.
Only a sewing gal would appreciate this gorgeous print!  I've used this same fabric to cover my sewing machine stool.  Can't wait to use this new clutch, but it disappeared!!!  I asked hubby last night if he took off with it and he looked at me like I was crazy!!!  Don't know WHY I asked himthat.  Sometimes I ask questions that totally do NOT make sense.  The more likely culprit is my daughter.  It's probably hanging up in her room with her collection of purses!  Off to go find my purse!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sunrise & Services, Family & Food, Egg Hunt, Candy & Cows

~It's Easter 2010~
Easter Sunday started out with a beautiful sunrise and
a service at our church.  I missed them all.  Was still sleeping! :)  Duane was there and took the pictures.
a breakfast for the sunrise service attenders! :)
The crowd at church that morning!

Pastor gave away a Bible and a meal out with he and his wife to the person that brought the most visitors to church.  Someone brought over 30 people!!!!!!

After church, we drove 2 hours to have Easter dinner with relatives.  Our 3 boys had spent the weekend at their grandparents and were already there.  We ate and then the kids had an egg hunt.

...get set.....
and they're off!!!!

I love this shot of Callie in motion....


Daddy helps sort the candy and the eggs.
Poor Samuel....he didn't get very many eggs 'cause he wanted money eggs soooo bad.  He would find an egg and open it before going on to the next one.  At one point, he picked up an egg, shook it, didn't hear anything inside, so he through it down.  Seth came along, picked it up, and it had $1 inside!!!!
All our kids on Easter Sunday.  The only one in Easter finery....Callie!!! 
All my parents grandkids in front of my Aunt & Uncle's home.
The clean-up crew--my Aunt, Mom & Grandma.
Peeking around the corner at mommy!
Going down the slide in the backyard.  My Aunt & Uncle literally have a playground in their backyard.  It's awesome!!!
They also have cows and daddy had to take Samuel & Callie to see them.
The cows seem to say....'what are YOU looking at!?"
Love this picture!
When we got back to my parents house, my mom had baked me an early b-day cake and gave me a bag full of gifts and a beautiful flower!
She even lit candles for me to blow out!!! 
And that was our Easter.....
The End.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm 32!!!!!!!!!

              So on  Sunday I had a birthday!  I'm 32 now!!! 
I guess I'm strange, but I still don't feel like I'm becoming ancient yet,
and don't feel the need to hide my age. :) 
Here I am with my four kiddos.  Samuel refused to look at the camera
and all the rest of
us are squinting into the sunshine!
The kids FINALLY got to wear their Easter outfits a week late.  I made matching polo shirts for the boys and a skirt and top for Callie.  Callie was grumpy and didn't want to smile or look at the camera.  It's impossible to get a perfect picture of kids!!! ;)
For my b-day dinner, I fixed stir fry and rice.  It was yummy!!!  For dessert we had ice cream, fresh strawberries with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.  The boys and grandpa washed and put away all the dishes.
Grandpa and Callie goofin' off!
Callie loves lickin' off the spoons!