Friday, October 31, 2008

~Pastor Appreciation Dinner~

Our church planned a Pastor Appreciation Dinner for Pastor Mark & Pastor Cravens' family. They traveled around to 3 different homes for appetizers, soup/salad & main course and finally everyone met up at the Youth & Family Center at church for the dessert. At each place, a different person was honored with a gift/card. Everyone had fun and the Pastors (and family) were very well fed! :-)
The Pastor & his family arrive for soup/salad. I wasn't able to get photos of all the places they went. Each family chose one place to help out at and later we all met at the church for dessert.
All the salad fixings.
The homemade potato-ham soup was scrumptious! I ate two bowls of it!
Pastor Mark fills up!
The Pastor and his family.
Enjoying food and fellowship together.
Ryan poses for the camera!

"Let's get these pillows out of the way!"
"Now we've got some more room."
"Let's squeeze the Pastor!"
Ryan opens a gift from Simon.
Seth gave Christopher a book.
A bag full of goodies.
Meagan reads a letter to Ryan from Sis. Ogg.
Christopher reads a letter from Sis. Ogg.
On their way to the next stop.
Duane & I gave Pastor Mark 5 pounds of Reese Cups! I raided Wal-Greens 50% halloween candy stash today! Now he won't have to beg them off of little kids! :)
The two Pastors load up with desserts!
Is that sweet......Pastor & his wife.
All of the yummy desserts!
Pastor Cravens & Pastor Mark at the special table. They received cards/gifts from the church people.
Some of the church people eating desserts and talking.

A few of the ladies stayed in the kitchen. I teased them about wanting to stay close to the desserts so that everyone else wouldn't know how many they were eating! :-) Actually they were the ones cutting and serving all of the yummy treats!
Samuel chose a HUGE piece of chocolate cake for his dessert. After eating the ice cream and a few bites of cake, he found out it was too much to eat. I looked over as he was starting to shred what he could not eat. He made a BIG mess!
The guy in red is attempting to hide from my camera! :)The man in red reveals his face! He loves my candid snapshots! LOL
Duane snapped this shot of a certain someones FULL plate! :-)
I just had to take a picture of the gas price on the way home. It's been a LONG time since we've seen it this low.

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~Heather~ said...

Thanks for your nice comment.

It looks like ya'll had a nice and yummy Pastor Appreciation dinner. How fun! =)

I miss getting to be the pastor's wife there in the USA...for the month of Oct. was always filled with fun surprises for our family (since Phillip was the pastor) from our dear church in AZ. =)