Tuesday, September 30, 2008

~A Touch of Fall~

The centerpiece on the kitchen table.
This is one of my oldest and most favorite Fall decorations. I bought this stuffed turkey on clearance at Wal-mart years ago. No matter how many times my kids have dropped it, moved it, sat on it, etc..., it still looks new!
12 years ago, my parents bought us a couch and tables for a wedding gift. I chose a beautiful creamy white couch with pastel flowers on it. BIG MISTAKE!!! After having four children and numerous guests over, it was nowhere near white! This summer we finally purchased new furniture. YEAH!!! It is a wonderful shade of green. We are very happy with it.
My mother purchased these candles at Dollar General Store for pennies at the beginning of this year. I have been waiting a looooonng time to use them. Someone just asked me last night if I was going to burn them. I can't stand having candles just for decoration. I love the look and smell burning candles, no matter how pretty they are!
"Thanks, Mom, for the beautiful Fall candles!"
Two yummy smelling pumpkin spice candles on the china cabinet.
I finally found a new plate stand at Wal-mart. I had been using a green Christmas tree plate stand because I couldn't find one that I really liked for the right price. This was $6.97. Don't you just love shopping at Wal-mart!!

This is an arrangement of fall leaves, candles, and pumpkins lining the bar that is right inside our doorway. We all have a terrible habit of dropping everything and anything on this bar. I am hoping that by decorating it, we will keep it clean and clutter free!
The shelf that my children hang their backpacks on when they get home from school. (They're at school now) This is the first time I have thought to put any kind of decorations on it. Duane actually noticed this when he came home from work yesterday!
This is the first thing people will see as they come into our home. I hung this as a reminder to myself to always be thankful no matter what comes my way. No matter how good(or bad) my day might be going, I plan to just stop, take a deep breath and think of just one thing I can be thankful for.
When I saw this wall hanging at Hobby Lobby, I couldn't resist buying it. Everytime I go by it, I smile. :)
Thanks for dropping by and checking out our Fall Decor. I leave you with this wonderful poem:
The winds will blow their own freshness
into you,
and the storms their energy,
while cares will drop away from you
like the leaves of Autumn.
Fall poem by John Muir

Monday, September 29, 2008

What In The World Is Samuel Wearing!

I was in the middle in decorating my house for Fall when I heard this little voice say, "Mommy, look at me." I turned around and this is what I saw.
Samuel had put on my lime green maternity shirt and Duane's snowmobile
helmet! For all those wondering - No, I am not pregnant!

It was a pretty interesting outfit.

Seth and Simon call my lime green shirt a lab coat.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Samuel's Sandbox

This is what 10 tons of sand looks like!

Samuel can't wait to play in the sand!
Dumping a load of sand.
Samuel - in front of his gigantic sandbox!
Samuel gets a ride with Daddy on the tractor loader.

On Friday and Saturday morning, Duane hauled in a load of sand for Samuel's gigantic sandbox. Samuel got to ride along on Friday morning. He came back all excited saying, "Daddy didn't get two sands. He just got one sand." I couldn't figure out what he meant until I found out that Daddy had to go the next morning for another load of sand. Samuel was so excited on Saturday afternoon when Daddy came home and started hauling the sand back to the backyard. It was a big job to make the sandbox, but the kids will have a lot of fun playing in it. Mommy will having fun cleaning up messy kids!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Seth & Simon's First Violin Recital

Seth and Simon played their violins for the residents at Sunrise Assisted Living yesterday. This was their first time to play in public. Clink on the link below to hear them.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Home-Grown Produce!

We decided to try growing some of our own produce this year. We planted corn, peas, green beans, banana peppers, green peppers and tomatoes. Duane picked these veggies last night. Yummy!!

Rocket Ship!

Seth, Simon, Samuel & Callie built a rocket out of quatro legos. These very large legos are going to be the base for our lego Christmas tree this year.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


My kids love frogs. Big frogs, little frogs, and yes, even DEAD frogs! Do I like frogs? NO! I started my kids' love of frogs years ago. We were moving out of our previous home and my two oldest boys spotted a frog in the backyard. Well I, being the big, brave mommy, had to catch it for them. (I read somewhere to never show your fear of creepy crawlies and then your kids won't chase you around the house with them!)

Flash forward 5 years - we have lots of frogs in our backyard. Almost on a daily basis my kids - all 4 of them - catch a frog. (or 2 or 3) My 3 year old, Samuel, has been known to play with a frog until some of the arms/legs come off! (Maybe that frog was made in China!) One day last week, I called Samuel inside to eat lunch. He ate his lunch and then made his way into the living room. I came in just as he was pulling something from behind the throw pillow on the couch. He was acting kind of funny. I asked him to show me what he had in his hand. You guessed it. It was a FROG! In my LIVING ROOM! On my COUCH! I told him to put that thing OUTSIDE! I just can't believe that frog stayed exactly where Samuel put it the entire time he was eating his lunch. On the other hand, I glad that frog stayed put. Can you imagine having a frog on the loose in your house?