Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What's on your head....?

It's crazy hat day!
Callie pulled out a stack of bandanas from a box of hats and wanted to wear this. Mommy decided to wear one too!
Seth wore my Santa Claus 'boingy hat' (that's what I call it) to school. I actually wore this to church last year during the Christmas season! We won't mention some of the looks and comments I got! LOL
Simon got to wear my $1.00 clearance special St. Patrick's Day hat! One of my music students borrowed this to wear at the last music recital. I can't wait to wear this one next St. Patrick's Day!
Simon's reaction after finding out I was putting the previous picture on my blog!

And last of all, me! Yes, I did wear this hot-pink bandana ALL day long! I even went to Wal-mart and Krogers shopping! Now go find a crazy hat/scarf/bandana, put it on, and get some smiles from those around you! :)


Sarah said...

That is precisely why I started the blog. I feel like I haven't seen you in ages. I think the last time was Easter?!? Thanksgiving will be here before we know it. I need to get my harvest stuff out. I'm just tired all the time. lol, lame excuse, huh? Good talking to you. Your blog is really cute!!!

Carrie said...

Um, you look like a gypsy maiden trying to decide which tambourine would look best with your outfit.


Regina said...

It was a pretty wild outfit from head to toe! I'm surprised Duane actually went out in public with me. He didn't say a word! I think he's gotten accustomed to my craziness! (either that or he just ignores it) LOL

One of my nicknames in college was....drum roll please.....are you ready for this....the Gypsy Queen!!