Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our New Addition.....

Thursday evening I spotted this loveseat/sleeper bed on Craig's List. From the picture they had posted, I couldn't tell the exact colors. I e-mailed them on Friday asking for specific details on the colors. The response was quite interesting! Have you noticed that guys describe colors differently than us girls! I got 2 VERY different color combos back in response to my e-mail. One was dark green/burgundy the other was that it was mainly brown with maybe some green in it! To make a VERY long story slightly condensed, I went. I looked. I bought! Of course, I should mention that I hauled the thing home in our van! This was after taking out the very heavy backseat of the van and leaving it at a friends' home. It's amazing the weight load a person can lift when the adrenaline is flowing! :) Needless to say, I was very excited to add this piece to our collection of comfortable stuff to relax on. Thanks to the person that introduced me to Craig's List. You know who you are!
An up-close shot of the fabric. I was really excited to find something that it had all the colors of my living room in it! And a plus - it has a pull out twin-sized bed! It took Seth, Simon, 2 neighbor boys and myself to haul this inside! I just couldn't wait until my husband got home to get it into place. (Patience is one of those virtues I'll still have not mastered when I die!) :-)
Simon is enjoying the comfy new addition to our home. He asked me if could play 4 wheelers on xbox. Since he hadn't got to play in over a week, (mommy encourages extremely limited use of these games) I decided he could play for a little bit after his work was finished. He practiced violin, piano, helped hand out his clothes on the clothesline and unloaded the dishwasher in the blink of an eye! It's amazing how fast kids can get a job finished when they are motivated!
Seth wanted to play a computer game instead of xbox after his work was finished!

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