Thursday, October 2, 2008


While going through old college photos, I ran across this picture of.....I'll let ya'll guess who you think it is. This was taken on one of the band/choir tours where I took pictures of anything and everything. Oh, for a digital camera back then! I will tell you this much~he is one of the fortunate ones that looks the same today as he did 14 years ago. You'll have to check out his blog: He has a great song about......Well, I think I'll let ya'll find that out. Don't want to spoil it! :>


Richard G. Hutchison said...

I wonder if the cricks I get in my neck are from trying to sleep in those bus seats! :) Has it really been 14 years ago? Whoa!

Carrie said...

I didn't know R.G. had a blog. Yay!

Um, I'm thinking that the cricks we get in our necks nowadays are from old age, not sleeping in a bus over a decade ago.