Wednesday, December 24, 2008

~Merry Christmas~

Drum roll, please.............Our Christmas Card is FINALLY finished! This is the picture Duane took of the kids on Sunday. I was VERY happy with the way it turned out. Do you have any idea how long it takes to get 4 kids to look in the SAME direction at the SAME time with a somewhat pleasant expression on their face? Let's just say it took soooooo long that the batteries ended up dying, but it is ALL OVER! That is, until we do it all over again next year! :)
Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 22, 2008

~Simon's Hawaiian Dance~

Saturday evening we all were watching a Gomer Pyle episode and Sgt. Carter was talking about a taking a vacation to Hawaii. Simon pops up and does the following dance for us. We howled with laughter, ran got the camera, and had him demonstrate again for us.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Mommy! It looks like Narnia outside!"

On Friday, Seth went outside and took these photos of the ice covered bushes & trees around our house. The kids kept saying how much it looked like Narnia outside! There's just something breathtakingly beautiful about the snow and ice covering everything!
The tree pictured above is our Christmas tree that we won in a contest several years ago. It's still alive and growing taller each year!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

~Seth's Squirrel Photos~

Seth took my camera outside to get some pictures of the ice we got on Thursday/Friday. I showed him how the zoom worked and he used it to get some great shots of one of the MANY squirrels that visit our backyard.

I love the expression on the squirrel's face and his little paw holding on to the tree branch. It's as if he/she stopped to pose for the camera!

Friday, December 19, 2008

FREE 8 by 10 at Walgreens

Just wanted to let you all know that you can get a FREE 8 by 10 picture at Wal-greens. Just type in the coupon code FREEGIFT at the checkout and it is totally FREE. I just ordered a picture of my kids that I took a couple of weeks ago. Make sure you order it before tomorrow (12-20). Here is the link below:

Thursday, December 18, 2008

~Christmas Program 2008~

My sister-in-law took some pictures of Callie & I. We tried and tried to get Callie to smile. She would just frown even harder. Finally, she covered her eyes with her hands. She was trying to hide the fact that she was trying NOT to smile.
The other pictures are some views of Simon as the donkey, Seth, Lauren and the children's choir! I think this will be the LAST year for a member of our family to be the donkey. The costume barely fit Simon this year. I made the costume at least 3 years ago. Either Seth or Simon have worn it in the Christmas program since then. Next year, someone else can take over as the donkey! :) Oh, and did I mention that one of the angels threw up at the end of the program! Yeah, and I was sitting about 5 feet in front of her! I thought I was going to get sick myself! :(

Samuel & Callie with their Sunday School Class. This was the first Christmas Program for both of them. They actually stayed up with their class! Mommy was a nervous wreck about Callie. She refused to go to the bathroom before the program. She didn't have an accident 'thank goodness'! As soon as the class was finished with their part, she came straight to wear I was sitting saying in a LOUD voice. "I pee in the potty, Mommy!" Mommy hurried her into the bathroom and she FINALLY went! Of course, the rest of the program she kept telling me she wanted to go again. I think she has discovered another excuse for leaving during church now! :)
Take note of the fact that Callie is the ONLY girl without tinsel in her hair. I tried and tried to get her to wear it, she refused. I went and got Daddy. He talked her into wearing it. But, somehow she managed to ditch it before going onstage. She can be STUBBORN sometimes! I just don't know WHO she takes THAT after! :)
Samuel, on the other hand, stood like a solemn shepherd the entire time. He tried singing along with his class and than decided it would be more interesting to figure out what made that candle work! Oh, and by the way, Samuel's collar WAS down and his shirt WAS tucked in and his hair WAS coated with hairspray when he went to Sunday School. Maybe I should sew his shirts to his underwear! Maybe they would stay tucked in! Don't know what to do about the undoing of his hair. Except maybe give him a military cut! :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

~Seth's Solo & Simon as a Donkey~

Thanks to Carrie for explaining in plain and simple English how to do this! Carrie, when you get your Computer/Internet Book for Dummies published, please let me know! :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

How do you embed videos from YouTube??? Help!!!????

I am attempting to figure out how to post YouTube video clips on blogger. Don't know if this is going to work. I am technologically challenged......LOL! Any suggestions from those that have mastered this skill? I need help!!!!!!

Click on these links to watch some YouTubevideo clips from our Christmas Program. Please let me know if they work!

Callie's Crazy Curls! I decided to curl my daughter's hair for her very first Christmas program. Let's just say it turned out FAR curlier than expected! LOL I think she actually enjoyed the whole process. She didn't complain one time when I was putting all the curlers in her hair. I figured when I put her to bed she would have a fit about sleeping in them. But, no....she actually cried when putting on her nightgown messed some of them up! She wanted to have pretty hair! Dear me.....what will she be like in a few years!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!! :)

.....hmm.......maybe I'll roll my entire head in curlers for next Sunday! :) What do you think that would end up looking like.......?

Oh, by the way...any suggestions on how to curl a little girls' hair so that it looks a little less wild!!! :)

I decided to make a collage of the pictures to show you all the results and now I'm uploading it for the SECOND time! The first time I got a message saying BAD REQUEST -ERROR. I wonder if there is an easier way to upload collages of photos? Now I am getting more messages....Could not contact Blogger. Just isn't my day. Or maybe it's because it's Sunday and I should be taking a nap! :) Bad thing.....if I take a nap on Sunday afternoon, I have found that I just can't sleep Sunday night. :(

Am trying to upload for the THIRD time! Aaagghhh!!!!! This time I changed the file format on the collage. Maybe that will fix it.

Friday, December 12, 2008

~Who knew that a singing snowman could be so much fun!~

The following is a video of my two youngest children having a blast with the early Christmas present my parents gave us at Thanksgiving. When we got it home, we sat it out on the table in the living room. Samuel & Callie were jumping up and down, laughing and dancing all over the place and pushing the button to make the snowman sing over and over. It's a wonder the poor snowman is still in one piece, the lamp not knocked over, or the curtains pulled off the rods, the way they were carrying on! :) It is a much used and enjoyed decoration. The batteries will probably have to be replaced soon! Hope their energy & enthusiasm is contagious to all who watch! We could all use some extra energy right about now. :>

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My...What BIG Feet You Have.......

...the better to play in, my dear!

Callie had a blast prancing around in Seth's shoes.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What does a Christian Soldier & George Washington have in common....?

They're brothers on their way to school!

Seth shows off the chocolate pudding pie he made to take to school
for his Fall Party!
Simon signs his name on a copy of the
Simon won 3rd. place in the costume contest for his grade.
His potato (pictured below) won 2nd. place in the best-dressed potato contest! He decorated the potato all on his own. He wanted to have some eggs for his bird, so mommy boiled them to be on the safe side. :)
Seth mixes up the pudding for his yummy chocolate pudding pie! He did a great job with making his pie. All four of my children love to bake and cook as often as mommy will let them!
I think this sweet potato was absolutely darling. The nest is coconut, tinted brown with chocolate icing. The bird has pineapple leaves for the tail and wings, olives for the eyes, and cinnamon sticks for the fancy spike! Simon did a great job with his creativity on this project!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

~HCS Christmas Program~

Seth sings with his classmates. He is the one in the suit!
~3rd. & 4th. grade choir~
Simon made alot of interestig faces as he was singing!
Simon with the 1st. and 2nd. grade choir. He is the one in the suit that has his mouth opened the widest of ALL the kids! :)
The 1st. - 12th. grade singing the final song.
The boys did a great job singing. After it was over, I used a free movie rental coupon to rent WALL.E for us all to watch and picked up pizza from Little Caesars. We let the kids stay up until after 10:00! They were thanking us over and over for letting them stay up and eat pizza and watch the movie they had been wanting to watch for months!
Now today, I have to attack the house with a vengeance. I went shopping twice yesterday, helped decorate 2 more Christmas trees (one of these days I'll have time to take pictures of all 4 of our trees and post them), did some laundry, taught 5 lessons, and attended the kids' program. There was NO time at all to do any kind of cleaning.

Monday, December 8, 2008

It's Finally Time.......

My 2 year-old daughter FINALLY decided it was time to grow up and be a BIG girl. She made the decision to potty train! On Friday evening, Daddy was on the computer when he heard Callie grunting. He looked over at her and asked, "What are you doing?" She replied that she was pooping. (sorry if I am offending anyone here) Daddy told his daughter that she needed to do THAT in the potty. She ran and told me that she needed to poop in the potty! I didn't really believe her, but sat her on the potty anyway. To my surprise, a little bit later she yells, "Mommy, I'm done!" She had went in the potty!!! I put underwear on her and she has went in the potty ever since. (with only 2 accidents-which made her so sad that she cried) I have learned through previously potty-training 3 other children, it is far EASIER to potty-train when THEY decide to do it and when Daddy encourages them.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

What's your vote....

Which picture of the kids do you like best?
I bribed them with M&M's to get these taken. These are the best 3 out of about 3 dozen!!!
This is our very first attempt at making a gingerbread house. I have been wanting to make one of these with the kids for YEARS! I figured out it's a lot harder and takes a lot longer to make one of these than I thought! There were tears, icing that was like glue everywhere, arguing over who was going to decorate what, a little girl eating part of the rock hard gingerbread roof than throwing the rest of it in the trash can (we had to fish that part back out), someone taking a bite out of one of the gummy roof decorations, not to mention spilling an entire bowl of itsy, bitsy pieces of candy (which resulted in one screeching mommy), it wasn't as perfect as a family memory as I would have liked, but hey, we all learned from our mistakes last night and will do better next year. Yes, I would do it all over again next year!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Columbus.....and back home again!

Last Saturday, Laura & I spent the day in Columbus. We spent most of the day in the Blue Moon Event Center learning all about the products of BeautiControl. You see we both bought the Consultant packages and had to attend the training seminar before we could get Part 2 of the package. We sat through about 5 hours of training!!!!! The fun part was going out to eat twice in one day without 4 kids along, shopping without pushing a double stroller and two more kids beside the stroller, and seeing the stadium where the Ohio State Buckeyes were playing at the very moment we passed it and I snapped the picture to the right of this blog post. The un-fun part of the day was getting up at 5:15AM to leave! That was WAY TOO EARLY! The funny part about that was Duane having to get up and drive me to Laura's house. You see, he forgot his keys at work and had no spares at home. order to have transportation while I was gone the entire day, he had to get up out of his nice warm bed, along with ALL 4 of our kids and drive me across town. To be honest, I'm kinda glad he forgot his keys, I really didn't want to drive myself anywhere that early in the morning! I figured everyone would go back to bed...but I guess they all stayed up!!!! It was very nice to have an entire day off.

We arrived back home at around 7:00PM. The kids all came running up, giving me big hugs and telling me how much they missed me. I had to go straight to my laptop and finish a digital scrapbook and get it ordered. The coupon for the FREE book expired at midnight that night! I had most of it finished. I basically had to proof-read it and swap around 2 pictures. Simon got my camera and snapped the shot of me. The two older boys are enjoying being able to take pictures with the digital camera and seeing them right away! He tried to take a picture of both he and I didn't quite turn out! :) Later Duane went out and got pizza for everyone and than put all the kids to bed for me! Wow! It was wonderful having an entire day off!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Seth's Flarp.....A prize from his teacher

The following is a clip of Seth playing with his flarp. This was a prize from his teacher at school and all 4 of the kids thought it was hilarious! Mommy was glad when the prize finally went bad...probably from too much use! :) Just a few days ago, it was deposited in the trash can....It stopped working. Thank goodness!!! Seth wanted me to take a clip of it and share it on my blog.....Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our Sunday Afternoon.....

Grandpa & Simon play a math game while Callie
eats another piece of homemade bread..........

Duane and Seth work on a Sudoku puzzle.....
Samuel checks out the Best Buy ad........

Mommy is behind the scenes, taking pictures! :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

~Cards from My Boys~

I thought I would share some sweet cards Seth and Simon made for me last week. While teaching lessons last Tuesday, the boys were supposed to do some cleaning (part of their daily chores). I had a long talk with them about going the extra mile when doing a it their all....going beyond just doing the bare minimum to get it done. Well, when I finished with lessons, they had not only completed the jobs I had given them, but had the dinner table set, a load of laundry folded and put away, and had made these cards for me. Mommy was very happy and proud of her two older boys! Seth made the Christmas card on the left and Simon made the card on the right. You can click on the pictures to see them closer.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A warm quilt for Callie.....

It started with a pile of satins, velvets & sequined fabrics...
I used my wonderful 50% off rotary cutter/mat to cut out different shapes. I sewed them all together, added a double layer of warm-n-natural batting and a muslin back and "ta-da"....a new quilt for Callie! If you're a quilter don't look too closely at my quilt. I don't use a pattern. I just cut and start sewing and whatever happens, that's the way it's going to be! :)
Here is the finished product.....I was VERY glad to get it finished. It was oh so NOT fun to sew slippery, shiny, stretchy, sequined fabrics together. But what else could you use for a princess themed bedroom?! :)
Here is the SAD little princess........
and here is the HAPPY princess under her
'princess blanket' (as she calls it)!
Now Samuel wants a John Deere, backhoe, excavator, crane, combine (and whatever farm and construction equipment that I didn't name) quilt. Maybe I'll make him one for Christmas!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's Snowing......

When it started snowing, I called a friend on the phone and started to sing, "It's beginning to snow, snow, snow, in ...........
~Callie Rose~
~Samuel Adam~
Simon showed Callie how to catch snowflakes with her tongue! Callie is looking at this picture now saying, "Callie's funny!"
~Catching snowflakes~
As soon as the kids saw the snow they pulled out all hats, gloves, coats, boots! It's really not that cold outside!
Seth wanted to take a picture of my hair covered with snow.
Seth takes another picture of Mommy.
Simon enjoys the snow!
Samuel begged me to let him make snow angels. This is the second time he has been out in the snow today. The first time outside he was totally soaked! Now he is getting wet again. :)
Our backyard covered with snow!