Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Can I have some Ketchup, Please?"

Those were the words out of the mouth of my jokester-lovin' 9 year old last night!  After a shopping trip to Kohl's, Seth, Simon & I go through the drive-thru at McDonalds for some ice cream.  As the lady hands us our ice cream, Simon leans over and asks for some Ketchup!!!  The lady gapes at us, eyes bulging out and replies, "What did you say?"  He repeats the question.  She just stares at us in bewilderment!  I explain to the poor girl that it was a joke.  As we drive away, I'm thinking that she just didn't get it!!! lol   The boys laugh all the way home and daddy has to get after them at home 'cause their little brother & sister are sleeping!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

~I tackled polo shirts!!!~

I've been wanting to try to sew some polo shirts for a LOOOONG time!  Finally I cut into some wild knit fabric to try them out!  I didn't want to practice on my good fabric! :)  This was my first attempt!  I'm hoping to make all 3 of the boys matching polo shirts for Easter.  We'll see......
~the close-up~
My second attempt went much better!  These shirts are so much fun to make!!! Samuel is not too thrilled with modeling a shirt first thing this morning!
~a close up~
Next up.....I want to tackle putting in a zipper fly!  Pants for Samuel with a REAL zipper are coming up!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

LATE night motivation...and doing a happy are back in SCHOOL!!!!!

I was motivated last night.  After spending the ENTIRE day cutting out, ironing & sewing heart-shaped items I was SICK of sewing, cutting, glueing, ironing hearts!!!  In fact, I decided I didn't like heart-shaped items anymore!!!  I spied this fabric basket on another blog and knew I just had to make a couple.  I did things a bit differently then the other one I saw, and am happy with the results.

The anticipation of my children going to school today, stirred up the creative juices quite late last night.  I finished one a little before 2:00 AM and put the finishing touches on the second one early this morning.  I used 17 different fabrics for each one.  Makes for a quite colorful basket.  I'm keeping the pink/brown lined one on my sewing machine to keep all my clippings/threads in as I'm sewing.  The blue dotted lined one was shipped out this morning for a missionary lady in our conference.  Hope she likes it!! :)
without flash you can see the colors better but it's quite fuzzy...
with the simply washes out all the pretty colors!!! :(  One of these days, I'll learn how to take a decent picture! :)
Now to get motivated to CLEAN my house!  Two days of being snow-stuck does WONDERS for the way a house seems to FALL APART!! :) 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Look's a wait....IT'S A MONKEY!!!!

What happens when you take some scissors, thread, stuffing, buttons, a pair of mismatched socks and miss your Sunday afternoon nap?

You create a SOCK MONKEY!!!!
......drumroll please....

~"Mr. Monkey"~
I have longed for quite some time to make one of these adorable creatures.  I was just waiting for the right pair of socks to jump out at me!!!  I found these pairs at Dollar General on clearance!!!  That made me even happier!  I spent my Sunday afternoon creating a new stuffie that my daughter immediately claimed as "Mr. Monkey"!  I wanted to name her Millicent.  Boy, you'd get a kick out of hearing Callie say THAT name! ;)
She wanted a picture of "Mr. Monkey" on her head!  I'm going to have to make another one now--for ME!
Getting a head start of summer play shirts for Samuel.  I tried some reverse coverstitching on these and I LOVE the results!
The orange one was the sample and turned out WAY too wide.  That's what you get for sewing while your son is sleeping! :)  Oh will work as a sleeper shirt!
Still have 3 more cut out waiting to be sewn up into something wearable!
Samuel tried on the shirt and he said, "Mommy, I LOVE this shirt.  It's so warm and comfy!"  Makes sewing all the more rewarding when your child says stuff like that!!!!
15 coin purse & tissue holders.  These will be shipped off to Mexico tomorrow.  Hopefully the snowstorm isn't as bad as predicted and I CAN get to the post office tomorrow!!
A close-up (fuzzy one) of the boxed corners of one of the tissue holders.  Don't you just LOVE that lime green mushroom fabric???  I do!!!