Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Like water goes down the drain.....so did my day!

~Pumpkin Coffee Cake~
What do these two pictures have in common-absolutely nothing. Unless you want to take into consideration the fact that they were taken on the same day by the same frazzled photographer! What can I say about my day. It started off great! I got up and had some cleaning finished and supper in the crock-pot before my 8:30 AM violin student showed up. Taught lesson, loaded up kids and went to grocery store. The grocery trip went just like any trip to the store goes. Neither of my two youngest children like going to the grocery store! The one thing they do like is getting a FREE cookie in the bakery. Today's cookie was an absolutely yummy looking pumpkin-chocolate chip cookie. I thought about trying to act like a 2 year old so I could get one. But, quickly changed my mind about that! :-) Samuel figured out they were soft and gooey and he could tear off little balls of the cookie and toss them out of the cart. Instead of leaving a neat little trail like Hansel and Gretal, he decided to let loose with the whole collection he had made. (This was while I had my calculator out trying to figure out how much the "Buy One Bag of Chicken Get One Bag Free" cost per pound) After figuring out the store was ripping me off on the price per pound, I looked down to see tons of mushy cookie crumbs scattered all of the floor! I quickly got down on my hands and knees, frantically wiping the mess up, hoping nobody was watching. Flash forward to going outside the grocery store---I'm walking up to my van and I see something. Someone decided to take advantage of the upcoming holiday and draw some strange symbols and BEWARE in the frost on the side of the van. My heart starts beating faster and I cautiously open up the van door peering around seats--of course there is no one. I breathe a sigh of relief and buckle the kids in and load the groceries up. I get behind the wheel of the car and put the key in the ignition. My over-active imagination takes off again, and I'm wondering if a bomb will go off if I start the car. I say a prayer and start the engine--nothing happens. I'm sure whoever pulled the prank on me would love to know how badly it shook me up. :-) I can smile about it now, but it sure wasn't funny this morning!
Later this morning I decide to make a new recipe (pictured above). After I mixed it up and put it in the oven to bake, I decided to clean out a few kitchen cabinets. I managed to clean out two cabinets! I decided I had better go check on Callie. (she had been wandering around the house playing) I go in the living room and there she is--the trouble is I'm hearing water running in the bathroom. I race down the hall and see water flowing over the side of the sink, running down the cabinet, making a puddle in the floor. I turned off the water, disciplined my daughter, and then took a picture of the remainder of the water going down the down the drain. My life at the moment feels like the water going down the drain. Just when I think everything is going great, something or someone comes along and pulls the plug and whoosh--there goes my neatly organized life. I think I really need a night of uninterrupted sleep. Last night it took me a couple hours to get to sleep and then I was awakened by my husband telling me my daughter had pooped and needed her diaper changed! This was at 2:21 AM. I know. I looked at the clock. I wished I wouldn't have. When I look at the clock in the middle of the night, I start thinking about how many hours are left until the alarm goes off and then I can't get back to sleep!
This afternoon, I left to pick my kids up for school. They get out at 3:00 PM. I always have to be home by 3:30 PM to teach music lessons. Today they went on a zoo field trip. A note sent home said they would be back no later then 3:15 PM. That would still leave me with enough time to get home. I checked with a teacher yesterday just to make sure on the arrival time. She told me they were hoping to get back by 3:00 PM. Great, I thought to myself. I would not need to reschedule any lessons. I showed up today at 3:10 PM. No kids. I see another mother outside. She tells me the kids are not scheduled to get back until 3:45 PM. I start to panic. She goes inside to check for sure. I'm frantically racking my brain trying to figure out who I could get on such a last-minute notice to come back and pick up my kids. I call my father-in-law. He agrees to come pick up the kids. (He's a VERY busy man!) Just as I'm getting ready to pull away from the school, Seth shows up but no Simon. I decide to leave without Simon. His grandpa will pick him up later. Just as I'm ready to pull out the driveway. I hear beeping. I look out the van window and see people frantically waving me down. Simon's van has arrived back at school. I turn around and go pick him up. It's now 3:24 PM. Off we go.....home.....as fast as we can go! Let's just say, I was pushing 8o MPH on the highway on the way home. I should have had one of my kids take a picture of the odometer! :-) I'll have to say we made it safely home by 3:3O PM. My student was waiting patiently for me. Now my hairy, crazy, frantic day is coming to an end. What to do now. I'm going to spend some time with my 4 wonderful children (Duane is farming tonight) and salvage the rest of my day (evening). Oh, did I forget to mention that our kitchen table broke a couple of hours ago! Boy, did that make a loud crash! The boys thought they were going to get into trouble. They tried to put it back together for me. It just didn't work! I had already broke it and kinda propped it up and hadn't told the boys. :-) Oh well, time to look for a cheap, used one!
The last of Callie's water fiasco!


Heather said...

dont you just love days like that? It sounds like you handled it well!

Carrie said...

I never look at the clock in the middle of the night for that very reason.

Ugh. When it rains it pours (literally and figuratively). Guess what, though?? It's almost Friday (or whatever day it is that you look forward to)!