Friday, October 17, 2008

Mud Masks, Cucumber Eyes, Neck Wraps, Plastic Baggies On Our Feet......This Is Living!

......The Gals.....
The girls below have NOT seen this picture! Oh, they both knew that I took it and made some interesting comments about retaliation. But, you know me and taking pictures. I thought they would enjoy seeing it for the first time online! (or maybe not) :)
Due to the nature of these photos, everyone will remain anonymous, except me. I'm the one sitting in the rocking chair (below) with a mud mask on my face, plastic baggies/socks on my feet, and a wonderful heated neck wrap. Aahh......this is the life.

~No, Don't take my picture!~

~ Who's under there?~
I think everybody liked this part the best. We were given steamy, hot washcloths that smelled like peppermint to wash off our mud masks. I am definitely buying a bottle of the peppermint stuff. It was incredible!
It was wonderful to have a couple of relaxing totally kid-free hours!
........The Guys..........

came over to finish off the food!
While us girls had our spa party, the guys went across the street and played XBOX. From what I hear, they REALLY moved furniture and changed stuff all around to have the best possible set-up. They even had a projector shining on the wall for a life-sized screen! Wow! I should have gone over and got some pictures of that! LOL

Are you taking my picture?
Guess who these blue-eyes belong to?
He was doing his best not to smile. It was funny to see the guys reactions when I started snapping photos of them trying to eat. They all told my husband that he never should have bought a camera for me!
Callie hid for the longest time when the guys came over to eat. When she got brave enough to join them in the kitchen she made all sorts of pouty faces and did her best not to laugh. One of the guys (who will remain anonymous) told her that if she stuck her lower lip out a bird could come along and poop on it! Can you believe it! I'd never heard that tactic to get a child to stop pouting!

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Carrie said...

The masks reminded me of dorm days! Sure does look like fun!