Monday, February 2, 2009

What have I been up to.....

Friday I was busy getting everything ready for the winter music recital. The students did a great job and there were a lot of people that came to hear them perform. Saturday was spent trying to get some cleaning done. I also went to a clearance clothing sale and got $97 worth of clothes for Callie for $10.60! I love deals like that. Next, it was a trip to Verizon to check on new phones for us. Duane was really in need of a new one. It's been more than 2 years since the last ones. It was a VERY LONG wait and on top of that it took FOREVER to get the new phones set up! The kids were grumbling and complaining about EVERYTHING! On top of that they were supposedly STARVING!! That surprised me because we had had a HUGE lunch! I had cooked herbed chicken breast, glazed carrots, buttered corn and buttermilk biscuits. Well, as a special treat, Mommy treated Samuel, Callie, & Daddy to some ice cream cones at Deitsch's. They have the most incredible buckeye ice cream ever!!!! Seth and Simon finally used up their free birthday coupons! After going without sugar for an entire week, it was quit a treat! Last of all, after grabbing a few groceries at Aldi, we headed home and made some homemade pizza. Today has been spent working on music for the spring recital, getting everything ready for February's contest for the students, cleaning out one very disgusting refrigerate, scrubbing a bathroom that was looooong overdue, teaching 5 lessons, baking brownies, cooking a roast dinner for supper (I made up for the lousy Sunday dinner), picking up kids from school, doing laundry, altering a skirt for Callie, and now I am taking a much need break while Duane is at a board meeting! Whew.....what a day!

Seth is learning how to play the recorder at school. I am listening to him play Hot Cross Buns as I type!

The two older boys have started something new. On Sunday they usually get yet another piece of candy from church/Sunday school or the candy lady. Well, they have decided to share their good fortune with mommy in the form of a treasure hunt. They give me a piece of paper with a question/clue on it. Sunday's question was, Where is something new?" I had to stop and think. What in the world did I have new!! Simon had to help me remember that I got a new cell phone on Saturday! Sure enough, in my purse, with my cell phone, was a piece of candy.

Sunday afternoon we sat down to our wonderful meal of hot dogs and macaroni! Yeah....sounds REAL appetizing! I had mixed up some Fruit Punch the day before. The kids had poured it in the glasses. Someone took a drink and said it tasted like water. Well, it looked like Fruit Punch. I grabbed Samuel's glass and took a sip. (I had water in my glass!) tasted like water. I turned to my 3 sons and asked if anyone had messed with the punch. My 4-year old, Samuel said, "But, Mommy I was just tryin' to make it enough for everybody." Bless his heart, he had added water to the pitcher to make more to go around! Needless to say, we dumped the rest out! :)

Earlier today I was fixing her hair. I always ask her what hairstyle she wants for the day. The last 2 days she has chosen 2 braids. As I am trying to french braid her hair, she is bouncing up and down, looking in the mirror and singing to herself, "It's all about ME, it's all about ME!" I started laughing about what she was singing. Next thing I know she's singing, "It's all about Mommy, it's all about Mommy!"


sarah said...

Sounds like you've been living a crazy life. Hope things slow down a bit for you soon. It even sounds overwhelming!

Carrie said...

Wait until Seth learns that if you stuff the recorder up your nose and blow, it still plays!

Yeah, have Seth watch this: