Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Lackadaisical Attempt To Blog

On this lazy Thursday morning I thought I would blog about some kid moments---Some interesting and some not so interesting. I'm feeling rather uninspired and unenergetic today! I am the QUEEN of PROCRASTINATION today!

1. Callie comes and tells me her belly is full. I tell her she needs to finish her food. She replies, "Mommy, wait 'till my poopies come out and then I can eat more food." So sorry if I offended anyone with the previous sentence. That was a direct quote from my 2 year old!

2. "Mommy, do you call me sweetheart?" I tell Callie that Daddy calls her 'sweetheart'. She replies, "I'm Daddy's sweetheart." Later, I made the mistake of calling her 'sweethearts'. It was on my mind. She very emphatically told she WAS NOT a 'sweethearts', she was Daddy's 'sweetheart.'

3. Shopping on Monday, Callie was getting quite restless in her stroller. At the checkout in JCPenny's she says for ALL the world to hear, "Mommy, I'm having a FIT!" What I want to know is why us adults can't tell EVERYONE we're having a FIT and it sound that cute?

4. I'm cooking a wonderful supper for the family. I have a loaf of homemade garlic french bread, slathered with butter waiting for me to pop it in the oven. Callie comes in the kitchen. Mommy, I want some of that, I want some of that. All of the sudden, she grabs the cookie sheet and pulls it off the counter. She was shocked when all she got was a faceful of butter and parmesean cheese! Whenever did she get so tall that she can reach things up on the counter? I'm just glad that the cookie sheet wasn't hot!

5. Both Callie and Samuel have been fighting about WHO is Mommy's BEST FRIEND! Samuel will say, "Mommy you're my best friend!" Of course, I reached out and give him a great big bear hug. Callie sees this and comes running, "No, you're MY best friend!" I give them both great big hugs, and we all end up in the floor. Both of their weights combined can knock me over these days!

6. Can someone please tell me what "feeding paint" means? I was looking through the patterns at Jo-Anns and my 2 youngest children kept saying it over and over and over. I tried to get them to be quieter, but they persisted on saying this phrase with giggles and smiles. I don't think the other pattern searchers were too impressed!

7. Simon likes to get the patterns for me out of the drawers at the store. I will give him the number and he searches until he finds it. It saves me from having to get up and down and also keeps him occupied. Well, there was this older lady looking in the section where he needed to get a pattern. He goes up to the lady and says, "Excuse me." I about died. I had no idea he was going to do THAT. We had a talk about how he needs to WAIT until someone gets through with the drawer before doing that. She gave me a look that spoke volumes of what she thought of my parenting skills, slammed the drawer shut, and left! Oops!

8. I just discovered my checkbook---in the bathroom---beside the toilet----with scribbles all over it! I'll just look on the bright side---I could have found it inside the toilet!

9. Another discovery----shriveled up apple cores behind our sleeper loveseat! Question is---How do I retrieve them and give them a decent burial---in the garbage can? Have you tried to move one of those sleeper sofas/loveseats? The thing is so heavy, I'm sure it's leaving permanent marks in the slab foundation!

10. I'm running out of things to talk/type/blog about. I suppose I'm procrastinating. Why? I need to spring clean the boys bedroom for the 1000th. time! All the ingredients for a recipe for DISASTOR are included in this space. 3 boys, their many clothes, way too many toys, bunk beds, toddler bed, dresser, toy chest, lego stand, desk, toy box, and I won't even mention all the contents inside their closet. My plan today----haul everything OUT of their room (minus the bed-don't think those would fit through the door:>), get rid of ALL toys, clothes that aren't necessary for survival, and start over with a wonderfully clean and organized room. Of course, this will only last for a few months. Then again, who am I kidding?! All the work and organization I'm about to accomplish, will last---let's see---a couple days! Aaargh!!!!!!!

11. I suppose I'll procrastinate a bit more. Last night, our Wednesday night music class at church, started working on a new song. I had the kids playing bells and violins. When we had somewhat master the first four measures, I had them put the instruments away. I noticed one of the boys rubbing his head. I asked what was wrong. He said he had a headache! He thought it was from the bells. Don't know why, but it struck me funny. I guess it does sound like a cacophony in our class sometimes! I guess since I teach 6 out of 7 days a week, I have kind of gotten immune to headaches from sour notes! :)

12. One more....Does anyone know if cows like to drink milk? LOL My daughter comes up and tells me, "Mommy, cows love to drink milk!" I wondered where on earth she came up with that. Later, I realized that for the first time, the 1/2 gallons of milk we bought last week have pictures of cows on them.

13. Well....that's all for now folks!

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