Sunday, February 8, 2009

~Saturday Baking~

~French Bread~
~Honey-Oatmeal Bread~
This is what I spent part of my Saturday doing.....baking bread. I mixed up another batch of Honey-Oatmeal Bread and tried a new recipe for French Bread. Since it was such a gloomy day yesterday, I let the bread rise on top of the running dryer! :) That worked out great! Today, I used one of the loaves of french bread and mixed up some garlic butter and served it with our lasagna. Yummy!! I tried the recipe from pioneer woman "The best lasagna ever"! It was delicious! Thanks, Heather for suggesting it in your comment! Now I'm off to enjoy a Sunday afternoon nap.....Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!


sarah said...

Nathan wants to know where his loaf is? He'll have one of each please. lol

Heather said...

Hey! I am glad you liked the recipe. I havent made it yet but I have eaten it. It was so good! Missed you on Saturday!! Maybe next time.

~Regina~ said...

When Nathan comes up to visit his big sis, she'll have both loaves ready and waiting for him! ;)