Saturday, February 14, 2009

I survived.....

A picture of all the adults crazy enough to join us! I should've had someone snap a picture of all 6 of us trying to fit in a spot designed for just 1-2 people!
Simon's total ticket count was 146!
Callie had fun riding all the different kids rids they had. That and climbing up into the sky tubes and 'swinging' down the slide. (That's what she called it)
Samuel absolutely REFUSED to let me help him catch any bumblebees!
Duane & Mike racing! My hubby was the winner!!! He does know how to drive a car FAST while maneuvering through impossible traffic! I know that from personal experience! (I blame that for my white hairs! :>)
Seth hits the jackpot and gets 60 tickets! I tried this game and got 2 tickets!!!
Samuel loved the air hockey game. He would play BOTH sides of the game. He would hit it one way and then run to the other side to hit it back! It was fun watching him!
Callie insisted on riding this almost life-sized horse. Mommy tried to help her steer around the track with very little success. We crashed into walls, trees, etc... She had fun!
All the kids show off their prizes. We only spent $10.00 buying 130 tokens. I fed everyone BEFORE we went so we didn't need to buy food! (I think that's where they make the money.) Seth got cotton candy, air head, 3 tootsie pops, Simon got a giant lollipop & lizard, Samuel got a Spiderman nerf gun & Callie got a giant lollipop & 1 tootsie pop.
2 girls show off their prizes----straws that were glasses. Pretty neat!!

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sarah said...

Glad to see you had a blast! Hope you have an awesome time on your date tonight with Duane!!!