Monday, February 23, 2009

For a good dose of reality, walk into your child's bedroom!

Definition of Mess:
n. a disorderly or dirty accumulation, heap, or jumble: left a mess in the room.
Folks, THIS is what I walked into on Thursday morning. I knew that my 3 sons' room was bad, but didn't fully realize how bad until I took a quick tour around all 4 walls of their room.
Toy cabinet---all the pieces to 101 different toys jumbled together.

The Legos, lincoln logs & laundry have gotten seriously out of hand. Don't ask me HOW they were getting into and out of their room.
The closet---toys, games & clothes all in disarray. You can't even open and close the doors anymore!
Now before anyone gets depressed by the next group of pictures, PLEASE let me assure you that I am NOT doing this to brag about the fact that my boys' room was clean (as perfect as this woman could do it) for exactly 2.9 minutes!!! I get rather depressed when seeing blog after blog of this person and that person showing off pictures of their perfectly clean houses and their childrens' perfectly clean and beautifully decorated rooms. I just thought I would share some more realistic pictures (above) of what the typical child's room looks like! Now maybe you've come across some magical secret way of getting your bedrooms to look immaculate at all times. If so, PLEASE share it with me! It took me 9 hours to accomplish what is pictured below!!!!! Of course, I then treated myself to an entire half of a large East of Chicago Tower. Boy, was that good!

I moved around ALL the furniture by MYSELF. You should have seen me trying to take off the mattresses from the top bunk (so it would be lighter to push/pull) across the floor! :) I'm never in the mood (or just don't want to wait) to move furniture when Duane is home. So, I have learned the secrets to moving around very large and very heavy pieces of furniture! I actually enjoy changing around the house so that Duane comes home to a NEW place sometimes! :->
This is Samuel's little corner. All his construction toys, etc....are in his bookcase. He's suppose to put them away after playing with them. We're still working on that! :)
The closet doors can FINALLY shut. The desk is moved and the laundry basket is full of clothes begging to be washed! That can wait for another day......


Anonymous said...

Woman, you deserve a medal!

sarah said...

Holy Cow, that looks amazing! I need to do like things to Grace's room. Everytime I walk in there I put it off for another day. lol

Heather said...

Any time you are feeling bored you may come to my house. Try your hand on a 12 year olds room. You never know what you will find under the bed. 8o) I keep threating her that I am going to take a picture and post it on my blog. You wouldnt believe it unless you saw it!!

~Regina~ said...

Heather, I remember paying my little brother to clean under my bed when I was 12 years old! I guess that's coming back to haunt me now through all 4 of my kids beds! :) I found several things under the beds, furniture, etc., that I was afraid to touch! :(

Anonymous said...

Cool thing Seth created. You are a unique writer and should consider writing. The room is much cleaner.


Carrie said...

Ugh. I feel your pain.

Carrie said...

Ugh. I feel your pain.