Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day=Fun Day

Samuel carries a pile of snow.
I love this shot. Simon threw a handful of snow at his brother at the exact moment I snapped a picture of Callie.
Callie was not happy with the 'nasties' that kept blowing in her mouth. (snow-covered pieces of hair) :-)
Samuel & Callie had fun sliding in the snow-filled swimming pool.
Simon was not happy about being outside. He kept running away from the camera every time I tried to take a picture of him.
This is a wonderful shot of Callie that I'm sure one day she'll not be happy about! It's too cute. This was her first experience with wearing snow pants and boots while walking in piles of snow. When she fell down, she could hardly get up! :)
Samuel had fun making snow angels.
We took a walk to the store. Seth shoveled a path for us.
Simon takes over shoveling the path through our yard.
Finally arriving at the Dollar General Store. The clerk kinda looked at us funny when we all walked in with our snow stuff on. She probably thought we were crazy for walking through all that snow!
On the way home. We bought some animal crackers, a funfetti cake mix (to make cupcakes later), and a new game.
Now, just after I took this picture, something happened that made me very upset. An older man in a pick-up truck is going through the parking lot. I told the kids that a truck was coming and they needed to get out of the way. Usually vehicles stop for people walking in a parking lot. Did this man stop. NO HE DID NOT. He just beeps and beeps the horn, gesturing wildly for my children to get out of the way. He had his window open, so I yelled at him that he had no right beeping at my kids, they were moving as fast as they could to get out of the way. Now here is what REALLY TICKED ME OFF!!!! The man pulls out of the exit to the parking lot turns goes down the road 10 feet and pulls right back into the next entrance to the parking lot. NOW WHY ON EARTH COULDN'T HE GO AROUND US AND THE KIDS INSTEAD OF PLOWING RIGHT THROUGH US. Can you tell I'm a little worked up about it! :)
We are almost home!

Samuel has to try his hand at shoveling the yard!
Callie kept telling me, "I can make it, mom!"

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sarah said...

Looks like a fun day. With the exception of the crazy man in the truck. I would have taken my good ole time getting out of his way for acting like that. Some people are SO rude!