Wednesday, February 11, 2009

~Carrie's Collage~

I thought I would do something extra-special for Carrie's B-Day this year. I dug around through old photos and sorted, selected, scanned several to celebrate her 32nd. Birthday! There were a bunch more that I would have loved to include, but I thought better of it! ;) Hope you have a wonderful birthday, Carrie!


Carrie said...

AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Those are hilarious!! Sad thing is, I look absolutely pathetic in most of them!

Methinks there is another birthday drawing nigh. I have this great picture in which I apparently stuck my camera over the stall door in the bathroom on 2nd floor....;)

~Regina~ said...

Thank goodness you were kind enough to give me BOTH copies of the shower curtain picture you snapped of me! I ran across that one yesterday. Boy, do I have some doosies of some people at GBS. To bad we didn't have digital cameras way back! One of these days I'll have to put some on Facebook. It just takes FOREVER to scan and crop, etc...each picture.

Incindently, I have a bathroom stall picture of you....:) I refrained from using it!

Carrie said...


I will stuff my bathroom photo back into the box from whence it came.

I have so many pictures I'd love to post on Facebook, but I'm like you and don't have (or want to take, at this point) the time to scan and crop. My scanner takes forever!

~Regina~ said...

Thanks! :)