Saturday, January 3, 2009

~Regina's first donut eating contest~

This is a clip of adults and kids participating in a donut eating contest at the 4th. grade Christmas party. It was the kids against the adults. The adults won! Yeah!!!!!!!!! It was a lot of fun watching everyone try to catch the donut dangling from the string! Enjoy!


Carrie said...

AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You were the best and got the entire donut in your mouth on the first try!!! Had you been practicing?? ;)

You know, you can win money for these eating contests. I'll sponsor you if you enter the Coney Island hot dog eating contest. I think you could beat the little Japanese guy! :D

~Regina~ said...

No...I had absolutely no practice for that contest. I had no idea they were even going to do that. However, I am HIGHLY MOTIVATED when it comes to contests. I was determined that us adults were going to WIN! And win we did!

As for the Coney Island hot dog eating contest...I don't know about that. I'm kinda partial to eating donuts over hot dogs! ;)

sarah said...

There's really not much a person can say about that, except maybe add a ;-) to the one that Carrie put in her post. And maybe say you appear to be well practiced not neccesarily with doughnuts.