Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Saturday Craft...

Callie got this craft kit for Christmas and has been asking me nearly everyday if we can do it. Finally, I decided today was the day. She was VERY excited!
Callie peels the paper off the foam.
Mommy helps Callie put the glitter glue around the flowers. She wasn't very happy when Mommy wouldn't let her do it by herself! That would have made a BIG mess!
They made the glue bottles for someone with small hands, but to get the glue out it required the skill of someone with much larger hands. :)
This is Samuel's creation. He painted a sheet of paper green while Callie and Mommy worked on the princess picture! Callie told her brother, "That's amazing!"


Carrie said...

Don't you just LOVE those kinds of crafts? Ha. We've done several crafts after which I was SO proud of myself! :)

~Regina~ said...

Yes...isn't it funny how us adults can get so excited over the completion of a little craft project! :)