Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Mom is 50!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Mom! Thanks for being a great mom and grandma! We love you!
Things I love about my mom......
1. Wonderful sense of humor. Remember 'zoop'?
2. Praying and having devotions consistently.
3. Sewing me pretty dresses when I was younger. I loved all the frills, ruffles & lace.
4. Teaching me how to bake and cook. Remember the first apple pie I made.
5. Taking me to shop after shop to try out different violins, only to have me decide that I couldn't find one that I liked better than the one I was playing.
6. Sacrificing to pay for countless of music lessons throughout my entire childhood & college years.
7. Being a wonderful grandmother to my children. One of these days you're going to have to watch all 4 kids overnight! :)
8. The frequent cell phone that we both have Verizon!
9. (You and Dad) Teaching me the value of working to pay for an expensive item. The long red coat, shoes, my 1,000 dollar flute! I'm sure you and dad could have used the money that I got from doing all those parts, but you allowed me to learn the the value of HARD work. I remember poring over the catalogue looking at flute after flute while working to save enough money to buy a really nice one. What a feeling of accomplishment I had when I finally had saved enough to buy those items.
10. The fact that you won't be too terribly upset with me for posting the crazy picture of you!
~I love you, Mom!~

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Carrie said...

I'm finally getting time to comment and I'll have to say that is the best picture of your mom I've ever seen! :)

Happy Belated Birthday, Mrs. McIntosh!