Friday, January 16, 2009

The things kids come up with!!!!!!!

A boy goes into the kitchen to eat breakfast. He comes back with a box of cereal grandma left behind.

"Mom, can I eat this?"

I reply with, "Yes, you can."

Boy eats cereal. As he walks out of the kitchen he says, "I'm going to eat that cereal every day!"

I don't think too much about it until he adds, "I'm going to go down a jean size in 2 weeks."

"WHAT!!!!!!!!" I don't know what on earth brought that remark on.

The little boy tells me, "Mom, that's what the box says."

Later, he sucks in his belly and shows his big brother what he will look like in 2 weeks!

.....hmmm....maybe I should try that cereal!


sarah said...

That's pretty funny. Let us know if he succeeds. lol

Margaret G said...

kids are so funny with what they come up...just today lelani was looking for the superglue to glue the bar of soap...I dont think so.