Saturday, January 10, 2009

Regina's Ramblings..........

If you're REALLY, REALLY below:

SUNDAY: Simon complained of a stomach ache in the morning. In fear that he might puke all over Sunday School classmates, we stayed home. Simon, Mommy, Callie & Samuel. By Sunday afternoon there was no sign that he ever had a stomach ache. He went to church along with Daddy, Samuel & Callie. Seth stayed home with Mommy. He was hacking his head off!!

MONDAY: Both kids went to school. Mommy, Samuel & Callie went shopping for the last of the stocking stuffers for Epiphany.

TUESDAY: Both older kids went to school. Mommy, cleaned, cooked & set tables for our special Epiphany celebration. Upon picking the kids up from school, Simon complained that he was not feeling good again. He went straight to bed, but managed to be up for dinner and stockings that evening. Seth hacked his head off all night long.

WEDNESDAY: Simon woke up with a stomach ache AGAIN! (is my cooking that bad?) Seth said he was feeling fine, so I took him to school at 10:00AM. (It was a 2 hour snow delay) At 11:22AM I get a call from the school saying that Seth has a temperature of 101. I go pick him up and schedule doctor's appointments for BOTH boys! Seth has had a cold for 2 weeks now! At the doctor's office, nurse gets upset with the boys. She asked Seth what his symptoms are. He tells her. She then pulls the other chart and asks once again what 'Seth's' symptoms are. The boys look at her puzzled. Seth says, "I already told you how I was feeling." She replies back with, "I asked for Simon to tell me how he was feeling." Simon pipes up at this point and tells her that she said Seth's name. She huffs about the mix-up and scribbles out stuff on Simon's chart to write his symptoms down. The doctor finally comes in, check's Simon. Just a viral thing he says. Doctor checks Seth. I'm going to treat him for a sinus infection. We go to Kroger to pick up medicine. Very long wait! 2 sick kids sleep on bench by front door. Everyone gawks at them as they pass. 30 minutes later I pay for medicine and load everyone up to go home. Church canceled because of snow! At this point it's a welcome relief!

THURSDAY: Kids still sick. All they do is lay around with the occasional hack or request for yet another piece of toast. Oh, and use up all of the toilet paper blowing the nose.

FRIDAY: We are out of toilet paper. Thank goodness for 500 count napkin packages. It starts snowing and snowing and snowing some more. It is VERY late by the time Daddy gets snowplow working and doesn't feel like going to the store for toilet paper. At this point Mommy doesn't care. She hasn't been feeling good for the last 2 days. We decide to just keep using the diminishing 500 count package of dinner napkins.

SATURDAY: It's still snowing outside!!! Good news...Simon finally feels better. How do I know that? He's actually playing xbox. Seth is still hacking occasionally now. That's better than non-stop all day and all night! Teach 2 lessons, work on solar system project with Seth. Me and science projects do NOT get along. The last science project found me in the emergency room until 2:00 in the morning. Don't ever cut off the heads of straight pins. They can become buried under the skin and have to be cut out! OUCH!!!!!! So far, I have managed to burn several fingers with the glue gun, use up 2 rolls of scotch tape and get mad at the wrapping paper! I'm actually feeling remotely normal today. So, I'm hoping to catch up on some overdue housework. Oh, and BUY TOILET PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!


sarah said...

It sounds like you could use a hug... and some toilet paper. Hope this coming week is much less stressful for you! Oh, and Samuel present should get there on Monday. Sorry I didn't mail it on monday, but after getting called into work a couple of days I was too scatterbrained to remember to take it to the post office.

~Regina~ said...

Actually we FINALLY went to the store last night and bought some toilet paper. Thank goodness!!

Samuel got his present in the mail on Saturday. I took a video of him opening it and some pictures. I'll probably post them later today or tomorrow for you to see! He loved it!!!