Friday, January 2, 2009

~New Year's Day~

Simon gets caught watching Care Bears with his sister. He was NOT happy that Daddy got this picture of him! :)
Our New Year's Brunch. Simon is not happy in this shot because his daddy just snapped the above picture of him watching his sister's Care Bears DVD!
Duane got a shot out of our living room window of this squirrel in our backyard.
Another picture taken by Seth. He caught mommy in an interesting pose!
"Look out Hollywood! Here comes Regina!"
Bringing a tree down the road with a Bobcat. Seth snapped this picture. He's becoming quite good at taking interesting shots.
Seth and Mommy split wood. Thank goodness for log splitters. I couldn't imagine doing all this with an axe!
This is what we looked like after being outside cutting, splitting, hauling & stacking wood for 5 hours! This was a first for me. I originally planned to go and just snap a few pictures. I decided to stay and help. It was lots of fun!!
Callie fell asleep moments after being put in her car seat. She was tired after spending 5 hours outside helping daddy and mommy!
The guys relax after a LONG day of cutting wood.
Sarah & I play a game of Apples to Apples junior with Seth & Simon.
This is how we spent the first day of 2009!!!!!!

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