Monday, May 23, 2011

Toads & more......

One of MANY toads the kids have been 'catching' and playing with in the backyard.
 Samuel proudly shows me one of 2 toads he caught today. 
 One of the rooms in the 'toad house'.  Can you see the toads inside?
Samuel and Callie had fun playing outside and finding toads. Here is the entire 'toad house' the kids have built.
 Here's what I worked on this evening.  Callie was in need of summer nightgowns.  I rummaged through my fabric, pulled out the thinnest cotton knits I had and made her three new sets of jammies.  These are just super-fast-very-basic jammies. Took me just over an hour to make all these!!!:)  I love the orange polka-dots on the purple fabric on the Ooga Booga nightgowns.  I just barely eeked out the Care Bears t-shirt out of the last of this fabric.
 She was sooooo excited to wear her new lightweight summer jammies tonight!
 And just one more silly pose!
 Another sewing project I worked on this morning. This was a snowsuit, hat & scarf set for a piano student.  This was a motivation/reward for memorizing her recital piece.  The snowsuit is black with purple ribbon accents on the sides of the pants and on the jacket.  You can't see them in this picture though.:(  It was fun to make and she was very happy when I gave it to her at her lesson today.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Callie and Samuel were having fun... there are all different colors and sizes of frogs here on the campus...they jump in all directions when you walk.

Sarah H.