Sunday, May 8, 2011


a white boys turtleneck and 3 ladies t-shirts into......
 this dress!!!!
 Here's the skirt I used for 'inspiration'. :)  I cut out and made Callie's dress on Saturday morning/early afternoon.  It's for our special outfits for Mother's Day.  I've had my skirt for years, but I'm FINALLY getting around to wearing it!!
 Some last minute gifts for Mother's Day at church.
 Wheat Therapy Hot/Cold packs.  These are peppermint scented.
 The table all set up with Mother's Day gifts I made for the ladies at church.  It was fun to make all these things.  Note...I didn't make the flowers!! :)
 Callie modeling her dress on Sunday.
 from the side...
 and the back......She did have her hair up in a cute bun, but mid-way through the service it came sliding right down.
 The dress' lower ruffle being nearly 8 feet in diameter makes for great twirl power!!
 and around again!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Love your coordinating outfits, and your Mother's Day gifts for the church ladies.

You need to open an etsy shop!