Thursday, June 2, 2011

Callie's K-4 Graduation

Callie finished her very last day of K-4 today.  YAY!!!!!  I wasn't planning on having a graduation for her, but she kept asking me if she was going to get to 'graduate' like her brothers did.  We did the Abeka K-4 homeschool program with her this past school year and had to come up with our own graduation ceremony. 
She wanted to wear her pink princess dress that I made last year.  This worked out perfect!!

 I made the graduation hat and tassel up today.  It was made out of pink fleece and cotton crochet thread.  VERY fast and easy!!!!
 Watching for grandpa to come so she can 'graduate'.
 And here he is.....
 I found Pomp and Circumstance on YouTube and played that while she walked down our hallway into the living room area.  Please excuse the 'hallway under renovation project' that's going on right now.  We are putting in a new hall closet and new trim/etc.....One of these days, it will be completed!!  Oh, and please ignore the very naughty 6 year old that cannot leave his sister alone while she tries to walk down the hallway.....
Simon asked if he could give her her diploma.
 With her requested cake. Thank goodness it was an easy decorating job that the kids could do.  Earlier she had requested a doll cake.  She saw this and wanted it off easy this time. ;)
 A gift from her brothers.....a wooden box with an old game boy game that they have outgrown and a sucker.
 A beautiful card and money from Miss Angie.
 A box of legos from Daddy and Mommy.
 Pizza for dinner.
 Special blueberry ice cream from Grandpa that was absolutely YUMMY!!!  Can you see how big her eyes were?  She LOVED this gift!!!!
 Finger-lickin' good!!
 Daddy helping her build her lego set.


Mel said...

The legos in the Victoria Secret bag cracks me up!

~Regina~ said...

It is pretty funny!!! It was a pink bag and the first one I found, so it got re-used!:)

Goosegirl said...

Callie is so darling!! I think her graduation was so sweet and special.

Anonymous said...

Very cute... I think Callie enjoyed her little ceremony very much by the look on her face! Congratulations Callie!!

Sarah H.