Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day - Part 1

We left before our Sunday morning worship service to pay our respects to a wonderful mother and grandma who is up in Heaven.  Callie chose some purple daisies to put on her grandma's grave.  This year, the 2 youngest were asking all sorts of questions about burying people.  Callie later asked her grandpa how grandma was going to get the flowers we bought for her.  I'm sad that Callie never had the privilege of meeting such a wonderful lady who was a blessing to so many.  For offeratory this morning, I played one of her favorites, "Make Me a Blessing".  As of late, this as become my heart's cry that I be a blessing to those around me.  I long for my life to be a reflection of good things.  Of peaceful things.  Of God's love and mercy and compassion for others around me.  My mother-in-law's life was this and more.   
 It was impossible to get a decent picture outside....:)  The combination of the early morning sun and 5 people trying so hard NOT to squint.....well this is the best it got.
 We stopped at the bald eagle's nest on the way back. sun in here....No squinting! lol
 I had a little girl snap this people of me with the kids inside.  Once of the kids was being silly!!! :)
 Back at home after service.  Callie picked out the pink carnation for me from the Mother's Day gift table.

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Anonymous said...

Your outfit turned out nice... Callie's dress is darling!!

Sarah H.