Sunday, May 1, 2011

Silly poses, crazy hair and more!!!

Just some crazy scenes from April....
I looked up from cutting out something and saw this sight perched behind me and ran for the camera!!!
 My daughter was in the hugging mood!!
 Don't ya love the wild hair do!!!
 I didn't realize just how much lighter Callie's hair was compared to mine, until I saw this picture!!  I do think her hair will be longer than mine.  She is praying for Jesus to make her hair grow like Rapunzel's!!!  I told her she better pray and ask Jesus to help her take care of hair that long.  She just looks at me with a smile and says, "Mommy, I'll ask Jesus to help YOU be able to fix my hair!!"  *sigh*
 Seth tried to get some pictures of a bird's nest in our prize-winning pine tree. :)
 11 of the 50 gifts I am making for our church to give to the mothers on Sunday for Mother's Day.  I made these on Saturday. 
 Another bird picture....yep these are out of order....
 Simon and Callie wanted Lego shirts.  We bought shirts for .49 cents a piece at the Salvation Army.  Washed them up and then they got to paint the logo on.  Super-cheap Lego shirts!!!

 They were very happy to wear their new shirts the next day!!
 A kitchen-aid stand mixer cover I was asked to make for someone.  I made this reversible and was very
happy with the way it turned out.  Now I want to make a reversible one for ME!!! :)
 I like to add 'pockets' to the sides for wooden spoons, etc....
 The reverse side....
That's all for now!! :)

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Anonymous said...

Is that a Robin with the nest? I always enjoyed watching the babies hatch every Spring. I like the shirts... that is so neat!!

Sarah H.