Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day - Part 2 The Best Meal Ever!!!!

Here is a picture of my Mother's Day meal.  On Saturday, I was hit with a brilliant burst of inspiration.  Why not go to a favorite Chinese restaurant and buy several sweet-n-sour chicken dinners along with some egg rolls and re-heat after church on Sunday.  My dear husband, (who for the record does NOT care for Chinese food) agreed.  As soon as church was out on Saturday(we were in revival last weekend), I headed out to the restaurant and bought 4 dinners(they are big enough to split) and 6 egg rolls.  It re-heated wonderfully and I even had enough leftovers for my lunch on Monday.  Yay!!!!
Now for a FIRST in our household.  My sister-in-law had given me a bag full of chopsticks to use for fun with the kids.  I decided to break them out on Sunday.  Here's Samuel giving it a go....
Callie did quite well right off the bat, but quickly caved in and begged for a fork to finish!!
Duane had 2 servings of sweet-n-sour chicken and ate every. last. bite. with chopsticks!!!  I was super-impressed!!!!! :)
This was my father-in-law's first time using chopsticks.  he too used ONLY chopsticks for his entire meal!!
Seth tried them out, but caved and got a fork as well!! Oh had for the record.....if there's any chopstick holding/using pros out there....I did not research the proper way to use these.  We just dove in and figured it out by trial and error. lol
Simon gives it a go...while Samuel (in the background) uses BOTH hands to make it work!!!  This was the best Sunday dinner ever!!!  I was happy that everyone was willing to give something new and different a try.
Sorry folks, no picture of me using chopsticks.  I will say I did eat my entire meal with chopsticks and was quite good at it by the end of the meal.  I also used them to eat my lunch leftovers on Monday.  I'm finding is it VERY relaxing to eat with chopsticks.  It also makes one greatly appreciate each and every bite that makes its' way into your mouth. :) 


The Dickinsons said...

Fun meal, nice Mother's gifts, and you did a good job on your little girl's dress! =)

Anonymous said...

Glad you had so much fun... now you need to try eating your entire meal with your fingers... that really is something people do here in the Philippines... we haven't done it yet, though... (-;

Sarah H.