Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sensational Sunday Shots!!

Sunday meals are big, full of noise & usually involve kids doing silly things.  Today was no exception!!!  After a delicious roast, mashed potatoes & gravy, carrots & corn on the cob, we enjoyed some banana splits for dessert.  Grandpa even made a special trip last night to the grocery store to buy some bananas for our dessert!! :)  We all had our plates piled sky high and we enjoyed every last bite of our tasty treat!
Just had to take this picture of my FIL with his plate piled with goodies!  I was teasing him about the fact that he had more dessert on his plate than the food he ate earlier! :)  Actually, ALL of our plates were filled to the brim with ice cream, fruit, whipped cream, nuts & choc. sauce!!!
Samuel show off just how big his mouth is!!
Callie shows off for ANYONE!!!
Check out my gorgeous sewing machine in the background along with the PILES of fabric that are waiting to be sewn up!!
Did I mention that she JUST had a shower right before dinner!!!
Her brothers get to laughing at her antics, which just makes her sillier!!! :) to take an afternoon nap....

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