Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two days of my life.....

.....were spent making these two items.  I'll not go into detail, but I have no plans to EVER, ever, EVER  use buckram again.  At one point, after being scratched one too many times with yet another straight pin, I wanted to throw the purse across the room!!!!! :)  I'm glad I didn't as I am pleased with the completed project! 

Two bags---One VERY LARGE sized and one just medium sized.  One will travel across the ocean, and one will stay right here in the good old US of A!!
A purse set for my sil, Tina for her 40th. birthday!!! :)
(gotcha girl!!!)
I made her a purse, key fob, change purse & wallet(not pictured). 
The inside of the small purse has a zippered pocket, 2 small pockets, 1 large pocket with velcro closure & 2 medium-sized pockets. 
The GIGANTIC suitcase-sized purse has a hidden zippered pocket, 2 large pockets, 2 medium sized pockets, and 3 smaller pockets.  This one has been claimed by my sil Sarah, and will travel with her to far away countries that I will only be able to dream about going to! :)
I love the way these turned out, but I don't want to sew another bag/purse for a VERY long time!!!!! :)  But, then again, as I typed those words, I felt the urge to go sew another one!!!  Am I a crazy woman, or what???!!!


Carrie said...

You ARE crazy, but they're beautiful!! Almost makes me wish I could sew! ;)

Margaret G said...

wow...they ARE beautiful! love the colors too!

Anonymous said...

He-he-ha-ha, I didn't know Tina was turning 40 this year... but we do have another sil who is! Love the purse/bag... can't wait to use it... in far away lands... :)

Sarah H.