Thursday, April 29, 2010

A love for books and all things 'princessy'!

I was typing an e-mail last night when I glanced over and saw this!  I had told Callie she needed to go to bed.  She hates to go to bed while I'm still up.  She's quite the night owl(like her mommy)!!  She has discovered if she is quiet enough, I forget she's still up! :)  I crept past her, grabbed the camera, and took these pictures!  A side note....Callie's cousin gave her this princess dress.  This was her first day wearing it!  She wore it ALL DAY LONG!!!  I made her take it off when we went to church, but as soon as we arrived back home, on the dress went again!!!  She ended up sleeping in it!!!!  She LOVES it!  Samuel is fascinated with the fact that it billows out when Callie twirls.  I overheard the two talking yesterday.  Hear is the conversation....

 "Callie, do that again!"
 To the great delight of her brother, Callie twirls around one more time.  Her hair flying, dress billowing, and eyes sparkling with happiness. 
"Wow!" says Samuel with wide-eyed amazement.  "I wish I was 3 years old so I could wear that dress!!"

I laughed picturing my John Deere, construction loving, mechanically inclined 5 year old in a pink princess dress!!!!! :)
I am glad ALL 4 of my children share my love for reading books!!  I don't read nearly as much as I used to, but I still LOVE reading a good book!

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