Monday, April 12, 2010

Cake with a side of Toenails!

                          Late, last Tuesday, I was asked if I wanted to bake a birthday/going away cake
 for a friend at church.  I said I'd do it. 
 So, early Wednesday morning, I started baking. 
 I had a little helper who helped clean out the cake batter bowls!! :)
Isn't she cute!!
Here is "Mr. Leg" reaady to be frosted. He took 3 cake mixes, 2  pounds of powdered sugar, 1 pound butter, 9 eggs, 7 different cake pans, one VERY large piece of cardboard covered with foil, 5 brand new toenails & a package of sixlet candies!!!  This has got to be one of the most interesting cakes I've ever created!!  The entire time I worked on spreading the icing, Callie kept up a running conversation with 'Mr. Leg'.  She was very sad that her new friend was to be eaten that evening at Teen Action and he wouldn't get to experience everything she has experienced.  She decided he needed to see one episode of I Dream of Jeannie before his demise.  She got the portable DVD player, put in a disc, and placed it right where both she and 'Mr. Leg' could watch it together! :)  She definitely has an imagination.  Who knew that cake & frosting could be so entertaining. 
Here are the kids with 'Mr. Leg'.  The boys expecially thought it was disgusting that the cake had a thigh! 
Some pictures of 'Mr. Leg' by himself.  It's supposed to vaguely resemble a leg prosthetic.  Our friend, from church, is in the final stages of training, learning how to make these. I guess it was a hit at Teen Action, toenails and all!!!!  I reassured everyone that they were fresh from a brand new box!!!! :) 

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Carrie said...

AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me! :D