Friday, April 30, 2010

Pass the PURPLE potatoes.please!!

Yes, you're reading and SEEING right!  We had purple potatoes at our supper table.  Actually they're called 'blue' potatoes, but they look purple to me!!!  My father-in-law bought some at the farm where he gets potatoes for us and passed some on for me to fix.  They tasted just like regular white/yellow potatoes except for the vibrant color!!!  Callie LOVED them and requested seconds and THIRDS.  Can you tell her favorite color is purple?  Simon did NOT want to eat them but did.  The other kids ate them without fuss.  It was kinda neat having such a pretty color on our plates at supper!! 


Anonymous said...

I've seen these in store, but they were called purple potatoes. They actually have a lot of extra vitamins and goodies in them that regular white/yellow potatoes don't.

Carrie said...

Nice! I'll have to go find some! The boys love colorful food!