Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm 32!!!!!!!!!

              So on  Sunday I had a birthday!  I'm 32 now!!! 
I guess I'm strange, but I still don't feel like I'm becoming ancient yet,
and don't feel the need to hide my age. :) 
Here I am with my four kiddos.  Samuel refused to look at the camera
and all the rest of
us are squinting into the sunshine!
The kids FINALLY got to wear their Easter outfits a week late.  I made matching polo shirts for the boys and a skirt and top for Callie.  Callie was grumpy and didn't want to smile or look at the camera.  It's impossible to get a perfect picture of kids!!! ;)
For my b-day dinner, I fixed stir fry and rice.  It was yummy!!!  For dessert we had ice cream, fresh strawberries with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.  The boys and grandpa washed and put away all the dishes.
Grandpa and Callie goofin' off!
Callie loves lickin' off the spoons!

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Christine said...

That looks wonderful! I know how it is trying to get everyone to look good in a photo. I have pretty much given up trying, lol.