Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sunrise & Services, Family & Food, Egg Hunt, Candy & Cows

~It's Easter 2010~
Easter Sunday started out with a beautiful sunrise and
a service at our church.  I missed them all.  Was still sleeping! :)  Duane was there and took the pictures.
a breakfast for the sunrise service attenders! :)
The crowd at church that morning!

Pastor gave away a Bible and a meal out with he and his wife to the person that brought the most visitors to church.  Someone brought over 30 people!!!!!!

After church, we drove 2 hours to have Easter dinner with relatives.  Our 3 boys had spent the weekend at their grandparents and were already there.  We ate and then the kids had an egg hunt.

...get set.....
and they're off!!!!

I love this shot of Callie in motion....


Daddy helps sort the candy and the eggs.
Poor Samuel....he didn't get very many eggs 'cause he wanted money eggs soooo bad.  He would find an egg and open it before going on to the next one.  At one point, he picked up an egg, shook it, didn't hear anything inside, so he through it down.  Seth came along, picked it up, and it had $1 inside!!!!
All our kids on Easter Sunday.  The only one in Easter finery....Callie!!! 
All my parents grandkids in front of my Aunt & Uncle's home.
The clean-up crew--my Aunt, Mom & Grandma.
Peeking around the corner at mommy!
Going down the slide in the backyard.  My Aunt & Uncle literally have a playground in their backyard.  It's awesome!!!
They also have cows and daddy had to take Samuel & Callie to see them.
The cows seem to say....'what are YOU looking at!?"
Love this picture!
When we got back to my parents house, my mom had baked me an early b-day cake and gave me a bag full of gifts and a beautiful flower!
She even lit candles for me to blow out!!! 
And that was our Easter.....
The End.

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