Saturday, February 5, 2011

How we survived our snow/ice week.....

I LOVED getting snowed/iced in.  I don't particularly care for having to go somewhere every. single. day.  This was a treat having all the kids home.  They got to play their games.  Read books.  Bake yummy food.  The two older boys learned how to make waffles.  Seth made them for all the kids for two mornings and Simon brought me breakfast in bed....scrambled eggs, with salami chunks and melted cheese.....YUMMY!!!  Then, after hanging up the days load of laundry(I've boycotted using a dryer), it was on to sewing!!!

First up, the robe was upcycled from a larger robe that was given to me.  She loves it!!  The fleece blanket was made out of fabric she picked out. 
 Desert camo pj's for Seth....Can ya tell he loves them!! :)
 A desert camo shirt was sewed for Samuel, but no picture yet.  Still need to paint the applique on it.  But, here, at his request is a pair of army undies!!  I've made lots of girlie undies, but this was my first pair of boys briefs.   I had so much fun making these.  Now I just wish I had an adult pattern. :)
 Here's what my sewing set-up looked like on Wednesday morning.  I'm working on the green camo stuff today and I just HAD to wear my favorite 'army' sweatshirt for my sewing day!!!
 Samuel loves to play with my serger spools of thread.  He built a base for his lego guys.
 Just turn your head sideways for 2 more pairs of army undies for Samuel.  He loves these!!
 Here I am around lunchtime....almost finished with the days' projects.  I'm coverstitching the last hem on Seth's shirt.
 The second set of pj's finished!!!
Raglan t-shirts for Duane....
 shh.....don't tell him.....he's getting these for valentine's day!! :)  Along with some of his favorite peanut m&m's.  Now I need to make a gift for each of the kiddos.
 Both shirts, neatly folded and ready for gift-wrapping.
 A new tunic pattern I tried out last night for Callie. I love how comfy this top is.  This will be great for summer.  Please excuse the Dora pj bottoms.  We will wear a flowing white skirt with this top....
She doesn't even need to be asked to posed....she just does it!!!
a view of the back.....

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Aimee said...

Girl you are so talented! I wish you lived closer, I'd come over and learn a thing or two! =)