Monday, February 21, 2011

Flowers, Kitty Cats, & Burgers!!!

Callie picked out some new patterns for mommy to make....
 She LOVES pockets on her clothes!!
 This one I did NOT want to sew!!!  I nearly died when she specifically wanted the kitty cat pockets!!  Oh my stars....did they take FOREVER to make today!!  Well worth the look of joy on her face when she put her new jumper on though!!

 Can you tell she LOVES the camera!!!
 Is this REALLY my daughter!!! lol
 AND.......Duane cooked hamburgers in our fireplace last night!!!  They were super-YUMMY!!!!  They cooked super-FAST too!!!  We will definitely do this again!!!  That iron skillet is really getting a workout cooking all sorts of things!

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obshack08 said...

I love the dress with the Kitty Cat pockets. Calli has great taste in fashion.