Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Aargh!!!!!!!! It's Pirate Spirt Day!

The kids had a Pirate Themed Spirit Day.  I sewed up these 'pirate' shirts for them after dinner last night.  Here they are this morning...ready to go! :)
 This skit was hilarious.....video clips are below...
 The 4th. grade class.
 The 6th. grade class.
The following are some clips from a skit that some of the kids did at the Pep Rally today.  They were hilarious!!!  So glad I recorded it to watch again and again!!
Getting ready to go...shavin'..


the banana...

The pudding....and the camera goes wild and turns off....(callie slipped off her seat)
The longest clip..but oh so worth watching!!

The end....

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