Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Party, 4 Pastors and some Pizza!

 A cake was baked and decorated....
balloons and streamers were hung in anticipation....
of a special 6 year olds birthday party!!!!
 Gifts were unwrapped.....

 The long-awaited gift from his BIG brothers, Seth and Simon.....a Ben 10 ship.....was an ENORMOUS hit!!!
 Opening up a gift from one of the four 'pastors' Samuel invited.
~Hot Wheel car and candy~
 Opening up cards from relatives and friends.
 Card and money from another pastor.
 Awwww....he got a $1!!!!!  That made his day!!!!
 The birthday boy with his siblings....
 the honored guests....
more guests....Daddy, Youth Pastor, Music Pastor, Children's Pastor & Music Pastor's wife.
I guess this is a good time to explain why all the pastor's were at a 6 year old's b-day party.  Why because he invited them!!!  All by himself.  I was told after church last Sunday, that Samuel was going around inviting people to his party.  He had counted up all the chairs we had and had figured out exactly how many were left for guests.  It was too cute.  I watched from a distance as he went around to all the Pastor's and invited them to share in his special day!!!  They all came and enjoyed pizza, cake & ice cream with Samuel.  He answered the door when each guest arrived and enthusiastically welcomed them to his party.  (Oh, and I should mention that I found out he told everyone they could bring a card with either a $1 or $10 bill inside!!!  I died laughing when I heard that.   Only a cute little 6 year old could get away with that!)
 The birthday boy with his cake and candle. 
 Blowin' out that candle!!!
Everyone singing "Happy Birthday".  Watch for the eye-roll!!!!
 Samuel's cool Ben 10 ship.
 The party guests get attacked!!!
 Boys will be boys....
 We worked hard today!!!
 The birthday boy with his gifts from Daddy and Mommy.  A turtle to sleep with(that's exactly what he wanted) and a Bible Storybook.  And, I LOVE this book and the cd's.  We listened to 2 stories last night and they were absolutely captivating!!!  The kid's were begging for another!

He's a bit tired now....
 One last smile before bedtime...

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Anonymous said...

Too cute... yes I caught the eye-roll... lol... enjoyed all the pics!!

Sarah H.