Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A brown polka-dotted dress

Today was the day!!!!  The day I FINALLY sewed up this yummy french terry into a dress for Callie.  I'm in love with this dress.  The fabric feels so comfy, I wish I had more to make myself a matching hoodie. :)
After I completely made the dress, we decided it needed some pockets.....
 A view of the hood.  I added a small piece of elastic on the inside hem of the hood to help it stay up.  Works like a charm!!
 I promise.....I DO do things other than sewing and taking pictures!!!!
 It also needed a flower to go along with the pockets.


Anonymous said...

Wow... so cute... and it DOES look comfortable!!

Sarah H.

Anonymous said...

Love the flower too! How did you make it?