Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A dress fit for a Princess!!!

I was fortunate enough to be a tester for a new pattern coming out from Katydid Creations LLC.  Yesterday, we rummaged through the clearance fabric at Jo-Ann's and found this beautiful princess fabric at 50% off the 50% off sale price!!  Can't beat a bargain like that.  So, $10 and a few hours later, this dress came off the sewing table.  Callie was dancing with glee when she FINALLY got to put it on!!
I don't even want to go into how many yards the bottom ruffle of this dress is!!!!
 Can you tell she LOVES it?
 A view from the back.
 ....from the side....
 A silly pose.
 And the twirling begins.....

 This was a super-fun and rewarding dress to sew for Callie today.

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Christine said...

So much fun! You did a fabulous job!