Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Eve

We spent a relatively quiet evening at home bringing in the New Year.  Our New Year Eve meal, homemade chicken tenders, corn & potatoes.  We used some New Year's party goods that I found when cleaning out my cabinets several weeks ago.  The kids thought the paper tablecloth was pretty neat.  We each used 2 plates 'cause they were the tiny dessert plates. :)  Now I don't have to store all that stuff for another year!!!
The kids each wanted a picture taken separately.
 Simon, of course, had  to do a pose!!!
 Seth, looks as if he's trying soooo hard NOT to laugh!!  He's actually trying for a serious pose.  I don't think it quite worked....looks likes he's laughing. :)
 Samuel, my sweet and cuddly, 5 year old.
 Callie shows off her tubby hands......translation.....wrinkled up hands from too much playtime in the tub.
 Proof that one CAN stop biting their fingernails.  Callie finally determined that she was going to let her fingernails grow.  She has stopped biting her nails and has long nails now.  I have been giving her home manicures.  She loves that!!!  Please ignore the 2 short nails....she didn't bite them off.  They grew too long and broke off....I tried to talk her into letting me trim them down......she was NOT for that......they broke off shortly thereafter.  Oh well.....I'm happy that she was determined enough to grow them out.  She would bite them sooooo short there was practically no nail at all left on her was very painful to look at.
 Simon gets the U-build monopoly game ready.  This was one of his Christmas presents from his grandparents.  Next time, we'll read the directions BEFORE starting to play!!! :)
 Callie's tubby hair-style.  Both of us had our hair up in buns in the very tip-top of our head....NO picture of's just NOT as cute on me. lol
 Just being silly...........
Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't wait for the surprises that 2011 will bring!!!  I'm praying that this year will be the best one yet!

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