Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Doll Clothes!!

I've discovered something new to sew.....Doll Clothes!!!  Oh my....they are so much fun to make.  I spent today making 4 shirts and 4 skirts.  Duane came home to his wife playing dress-up with dolls and taking pictures of each new outfit. :)  This is Callie's Christmas doll, Jenny modeling for me.

Cool in Camo
 Stripes and Dots....she's ready for 4th. of July
 Spring is in the air!
 Hip in tie-dye duds.
 Now this is a favorite of mine.  I'm in love with this sueded jacket.  I want one for myself!!
 Callie wanted a scarf, so I knitted her one.  She wants gloves and a hat next. 
 All the clothes together that were made today.  I still need to make a tank shirt to wear under these shirts. for a layered look.  That will happen another day.  The sewing stuff has all been cleaned up and put away!!
 Please excuse the sideways picture. :(  Callie picked out the fabric and buttons for this outfit. I made this for her doll a few nights ago.


Angie Davis said...

What a lucky doll--I think she's better dressed than me! You are so very talented, Regina!

Penny said...

Hey that tie-dye shirt looks alot like one Owen used to own. Nice doll clothes.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had fun... (:

Sarah H.

~Regina~ said...

Penny, you're right. The tie-dye shirt was one that Owen had. I turned it into another long-sleeved shirt for Callie and a doll shirt. :) I love upcycling clothes into new things!!!